What’s Next (Training Wise)

me running

Like many people, motivation has been difficult when there aren’t any significant races on the horizon. I’ve been looking for something new to train and do. As I mentioned last Thursday, I enjoyed my previous virtual challenge. Now that it’s over, I wanted something else.

What would be challenging and yet fun?me running

That’s why I decided to partner with my friends at Believe in the Run and do the Grit Summer Challenge.  Summer is typically a time for building a base and gaining fitness. The heat and humidity prevent a lot of distance races and “fast times.” It’s the perfect time to log miles.

The Grit Summer Challenge Allows You to Choose a 30 Day Span and Distance:

  • 25
  • 75
  • 150
  • 225
  • 300

Then run the miles in the 30 days. I’ll start today (July 20th) and go until August 19th. You can win gear from Polar, ASICS, and Firefly. At the end, you’ll be able to win gear from the sponsors as well as a Virtual Meet and Greet with Deena Kastor. I met Deena Kastor in person at the Runners World Festival in 2017 and she was such an amazing and humble person.

Finally, you get cool gear for registering including:

  • ASICS Tri-Blend Shirt
  • BOCO Gear neck gaiter
  • Soft enamel pin
  • GRIT sticker
  • Temporary tattoo pack.
  • Custom Bib
  • Each tier will have weekly giveaways featuring Polar heart rate monitors, ASICS shoes, and firefly recovery packs.

So I’ve decided to register for that.  I’m going nuts and going to attempt the 300-mile challenge.

Why 300 Miles?

300 miles is 10 miles each day. Since my calcaneus stress fracture almost 5 months ago, I’ve healed well and haven’t had any issues.  Without in the hole workouts and races and honestly just more time, I’m able to log big miles. About 3-4 years ago, I was running a lot more miles, but over the last few years haven’t had the time nor the interest.

I’ve been enjoying these “challenges” more than virtual 5ks. I like that it gives me a goal through the month, not just a race and I’m done. It gives me a little structure or at least motivation for the next 30 days. I also wonder how many states I’ll use to complete the challenge. I’ll be documenting my mileage the next 4 weeks because 300 miles is challenging and a lot. I’m looking forward to this challenge!

Finally, Believe in the Run offered readers $5 off with the code LOLZ5. You can register here. For $40, you’ll gain fitness, but you could also win shoes, gear, and recovery packs.

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Questions for you:

Are you training for anything?

What is your motivation this summer?