Injury Log Week 11: Trucking Along

me aftershokz

Another week of running down and for the most park, I felt fine, just tired. As I’ve mentioned, eventually I’m going to stop blogging about my calcaneus stress fracture and recovery. Truthfully, I worry (for no reason), when I stop blogging about it, I’ll jynx it and it will come back.  Which I fully realize is an irrational thought.

Injury Timeline:

March 1: Calcaneus Stress Fracture Occurs (Known as the Heel Bone)

Week 1: (March 2-8): Boot, slight pain, and swelling, allowed to swim

Week 2: (March 9-15): Boot, minimal pain, minor swelling, allowed to swim

Week 3: (March 16-22): Boot, no pain or swelling, gyms closed, and almost 0 activity

Week 4: (March 23-29): Boot, no pain, added core

Week 5: (March 30th-April 5): Boot removed, no pain, core, and leisurely walks

Week 6: (April 6th-April 12th): easy walks, 1.5-mile walk-run, core

Week 7: (April 13-April 19): 1.5-2 mile walk-runs, core (Total Walk-Run miles 13)

Week 8: (April 20-26) 2-4 mile walk-runs, core (Total Miles 24)

Week 9: April 27-May 3rd 4-5 mile runs, core  (Total Miles 35)

Week 10: May 4th- May 10th 6-7 mile runs, Virtual 5k (20:53) (Total Miles 42)

Week 11: May 11-May 17 7 mile runs, Virtual 5k (21:15) (Total miles 49)



This is the fastest I’ve come back from a stress fracture.  I haven’t had any pain while coming back (so far). While I feel out of shape from not running, I don’t have pain which is the primary goal. Next week marks 6 weeks in, 6 weeks out.

I was telling one of my friends that time is going by fast but also so slow. It feels like it’s still March and I haven’t seen many people since I was walking around in a boot. 

Anyway, I’m happy to be running and while I’m typically tired from increasing mileage, my heel is not in pain. My goal is to get back into sub 20 shape by my 30th birthday (July 12th). When racing resumes I would like to train for a half and be under 1:25 again. Distant reflections of a past self. While it used to “seem easy” for me, the last few years that hasn’t been the case so I have some work to do.

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Finally, have you subscribed to the LOLZLetter? It’s a weekly newsletter that comes out and posts all things running. This week is about getting the most out of your virtual race.

Questions for you:

How is your training going?

How is the local area near you? Opening things up? 


  1. Hi Hollie,

    Thanks for the posts! I got a calcaneus stress fracture and have had Achilles issues running in the vaporflys and then next%s. Was your fracture at the top of the calcaneus or the bottom? Mine was at the top. I saw a lot of specialists and they said that it was due to the loading between the Achilles and Plantar Fascia pulling the bone apart. The calcaneus’ job is to provide leverage to those exact tendons. The Next%s force you up onto your toes so it’s not an impact issue of your heel hitting the ground but more the two tendons pulling your bone apart. It was 2 years ago now and it took 6 months to fully recover so sorry if that isnt good news. What is is that I’m back to full fitness now and other than avoiding concrete paths I’m fine.


    1. Hey Tim, my stress fracture was in the middle of the calcaneus. I actually think I’m pretty much healed from it. I’m lucky that it wasn’t my most serious running injury (or maybe that I caught it very early). I’m glad to hear you are back to full fitness. Do you have any fall races you are looking towards?

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