Hoka Clothing Review

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As most readers know, Hoka is one of my favorite running shoe brands out there. Since 2015, I’ve had at least one Hoka shoe in my running rotation, if not more. Hoka has had clothing on their website for a while now. A couple of years ago, they partnered with both rabbit and Oiselle to make various “Hoka branded” logo clothing.

me aftershokz

This year, Hoka One One has its own brand of clothing. Since many fans of Hoka want to rep Hoka with clothing too, Hoka designed a few pieces to run in. It’s been fun to watch the evolution of Hoka from just a couple of shoes, including their original Hoka Clifton, to adding wide widths, to now having Hoka One One clothing.

The Hoka One One clothing isn’t a full line with multiple colors and options, but it’s a lot to start out with.  Naturally, as a fan, I wanted to try it.

When you design shoes, getting into the clothing and apparel business is tough. As runners, we want good fitting clothing that isn’t too tight and is both functional and stylish. I was curious to see if Hoka could master apparel too.

The other issue is: Was it good clothing, or was it just going to be Hoka branded clothing?  There is a difference from getting your logo screen printed on a t-shirt to actually making quality clothing.

My first thought was if NAZ Elite is running in Hoka One One clothing, it should be good for us too (right?).

Keep in mind, not every type of clothing fits every person. Everyone has a different body.  Hoka has also stuck to a distinct color scheme of blue, orange, and black. (Although the orange is called: “mandarin red”).

Here are a few pieces I’ve tried:

Hoka “Performance Tank”

The Hoka Performance Tank is one of my favorite tanks. It’s light but breathable. It comes in a few colors, including blue, orange, and black. Over the last week, our temperatures have been in the 70s and humid. The performance tank has been great to run in.

The loose-fitting design doesn’t make me feel like I’m suffocating.  I prefer a loose-fitting top while running and a more fitted top while living life. When I sweat through the tank, I didn’t chafe or have unnecessary rubbing.

Hoka “Performance Knit” Shorts:

If you know me, you know spandex shorts are my bread and butter running wardrobe staple. My ideal spandex short is high waisted and long enough to cover everything (I’m 5’8).  Many shorts almost look like “briefs” on my which is what I try to avoid.

The Hoka One One Performance Knit Shorts are fairly close to perfect. The material is thick enough that you don’t feel like anything is showing. They fit well and are comfortable throughout the run. There isn’t any unnecessary chafing or rubbing. Plus, there are deep side pockets with a zipper. The zipper adds an extra layer of security for holding a gel or keys, both of which I’ve needed already while running in this heat.

Hoka Performance 3/4th Sleeve:

I don’t have a lot of 3/4th sleeve tops (I actually don’t have a lot of short sleeves either now that I think about it). I’ve found myself running in either a tank or long sleeve a lot.  What I appreciate about the Hoka Performance 3/4th Sleeve is that it’s incredibly light and breathable. While I’ve admittedly been overdressed a few times, I don’t feel overheated or hot. Even when I sweat through, the material isn’t heavy or bulky.  It’s a good top for those days between 30-50 degrees.

Hoka Woven 4 Inch Shorts:

In my opinion, the Hoka Woven 4 Inch Shorts are one of the underrated pieces. Sometimes I want a looser fitting short or a short with pockets. The Hoka Woven, 4 Inch shorts are high waisted, have a back pocket, plus they are lightweight. I’m confident if I got caught in a storm, I wouldn’t have to “worry” about soggy shorts falling down.

In all, I am happy with Hoka clothing and it’s good solid running gear. I’m actually surprised Hoka hasn’t had more clothing out because the fit of the Hoka One One clothing is great. The price is higher than many other options, but the quality is there.  My favorite is definitely the shorts because I love a good high waisted short.

There are plenty more options on the Hoka website. For just starting out in clothing you’ll find a fairly large selection of the staples including short sleeve, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, shorts, joggers, leggings, and even puffer jackets.  Like many people I’ve been home now more than ever, so I might order the joggers next.

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Questions for you:

Have you tried Hoka One One clothing or shoes?

What is your favorite brand of clothing? Why?


  1. Thanks Hollie. I have been a long time fan of Hoka’s and have run in them for at least 7 years. Started with the original Bondi B’s before they introduced the Clifton. They have had some misses (like the Clifton 2), but mostly great shoes. Loving the Clifton 6’s and the Rincons now. I have not used their apparel, but may give it a try. My running shorts tend to be from Eastbay pared with a race shirt. Comfort is the key!

    1. I think all brands have had misses! Glad you’ve found what works for you, I appreciate and like the Bondi as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I hadn’t heard of their clothing either! I just ordered my first pair of Hoka shoes! I’m excited about them!

  3. I hope Hoka survives the pandemic. I hate the thought of going back to anything else.

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