Injury Wk 2: Swimming and Swimming


As I finish week 2 with my calcaneus stress fracture, I can’t help but think…how is it already been two weeks?

With this particular injury, I’m not as sad. As I mentioned last week, I’m really enjoying swimming…not swimming for running but just swimming laps. I haven’t felt this way since maybe college, maybe.

I wanted to do a swim meet, but with the coronavirus, I think most, if not all, swim meets will be cancelled (as they rightfully should be). So I’ll just continue to swim laps and if I’m able to do a swim meet in late April, I will.

Monday: 3000 meters easy (1 hour)
Tuesday: 3000 meters easy (1 hour)
Wednesday: 2000 meters workout (40 minutes)
Thursday: 5000 meters 1:29:30.
Friday: Rest
Saturday: 5000 meters (1:35)
Sunday: Rest


Mental Thoughts:

It’s hard to even write about my own injury with the worldly issues happening right now.

I can’t put into words exactly how I feel right, but I think subconsciously, I knew I needed time off from running to get where I wanted. I could grind away, but I don’t think I would have magically gotten to where I wanted.

If I was running well, I think I would be more upset. Am I upset I have a broken bone? Of course, who wouldn’t be? But there are many injuries it could have been including a torn tendon which requires surgery or don’t allow me to run. So while a broken bone stinks, it’s also one of the faster healing processes as long as you don’t push it. Truthfully I have no interest in running right now.

Plus, with the Coronavirus, it isn’t like I would be racing anyway. Anything I planned to do has been cancelled or postponed (which I 100% support). As I mentioned in the newsletter.

Workout Thoughts:

When I was swimming competitively, we did anywhere between 10k-14k of yardage a day. So when I swim laps now, it seems like whoa she’s doing a lot, but it typically takes me under an hour.  I’m surprised how fast it’s coming back, but it’s also fun. It’s fun to set workout post-collegiate PRs with minimal effort or no push.

When I first started swimming last week, one of my primary goals was to swim 5000 meters in less than 90 minutes. It seemed like a fairly good goal. Something I needed to work hard but also not out of my reach. (How I ever swam under 20 minutes for a mile is beyond me).

Workout Wednesday:

My swimming friends know that swimming is typically a lot more sets than mindless swimming. On Wednesday, I 500 warmup and cooldown and 10X100 meters on 2:00. I averaged about 1:42 with my fastest at 1:38. It felt good adding some faster.

I reached the goal on Thursday and I wasn’t trying too…I just felt good that day.  So I’ll probably make a new goal to keep me engaged.

When I was swimming competitively, I couldn’t fathom just getting in the pool and swimming mindlessly for 90 minutes. Now I much prefer it more than doing sets.

Daily Thoughts:

To be honest, I’m not really in a lot of pain. I know I have a broken heel and I’ve seen the MRI…it’s broken. But because I walk on my toes, my heel isn’t in pain. When I had my second metatarsal fracture, I couldn’t walk, or do anything without pain.

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Questions for you:

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