South Star Diner (Mount Holly)

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) pork chops

South Star Diner (Mount Holly)

Recently I was at the South Star Diner in Mount Holly. The South Star Diner has gone under new ownership and has a new name, new manager, and is entirely new. Which is great because when it was previously the “, “I can’t say my experience was all that great. I haven’t been to the diner in 6 years (and my time in New Jersey flies).

South Star Diner (Mount Holly)

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) Atmosphere: B
The South Star Diner has been remodeled. Outside it has a large, shiny, sign that says “South Star Diner.” There is a reasonably open parking lot and it sticks out on Route 38.

Inside there are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar. They’ve done remodeling, so it appears to sit more people than previously.

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) Coffee: A

The South Star Diner serves Lacas Coffee, which is brewed right in Pennsauken. It was great and the waitress refilled it often. In all, it was good coffee.

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) coffee

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) Food: B
The South Star Diner menu is massive and has everything you typically have in a diner menu. There is all-day breakfast, seafood, wraps, a full page of salads, and steaks. I was in a pork chop mood, so I decided to order the broiled pork chops.

The broiled pork chops came with soup or salad, two sides, and the pork chops.

I decided to order the Greek salad and it was a great starter salad. It was bigger than some diner salads I’ve had before. Plus, it even included anchovies, which most people know how much I like those.

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) greek salad

The broiled pork chops were decent. They weren’t my favorite nor my least favorite, but they were plenty there.

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) pork chops

For my sides, I chose the beets and baked potato. If beets are a side, chances are I’ll choose them. Both were fine, but nothing special about them.

In all, my meal was good and I was most impressed with a starter salad.

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) Service: A
Our waitress was friendly and slightly funny, plus our food came out fast. I couldn’t ask for better service.

South Star Diner (Mount Holly) Cost: $

For my pork chops and coffee, it was $16.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come back to the South Star Diner (Mount Holly)?
I liked the South Star Diner and they’ve definitely made big improvements to it. It now stands out on Route 38 and is a spot I would want to stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $12-20
Service: A
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
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