Fun Run Box Review

Fun Run Box Review

Fun Run Box Review

Recently I tried the Fun Run Box.  The motto of the Fun Run Box is “For Runners, by Runners,” which I thought was cool. With a subscription to the Fun Run Box, you get a box each month filled with “Runner Things.” One thing I appreciated is that each item in the Fun Run Box is full-sized. You aren’t getting half of an item or a little bit of something. Who wants to try half of something?

Fun Run Box Review

So anyway, what is Fun Run Box?

Fun Run Box is a running monthly subscription box.  What makes Fun Run Box different is that it’s also a running experience. The monthly challenges and monthly theme box make it different.  T

Fun Run Box Review

Boxes each month come with anything from running gear, apparel, skincare, and snacks.  Then there is also a “challenge” each month from a game to a running streak. The running challenges makes more interesting than here is a box for you. Especially in the winter months, we all need more motivation.

With the February Challenge, it was a “Scavenger Hunt” for all things red. Each month is part of the challenge series and you never know what you’ll get. A few of the items included red running shoes, a sign with red lettering, and a dog wearing a red sweater. By competing, you could win your next box free.

Who doesn’t love a good competition?

So what was in the Fun Run Box?

So that Fun Run Box sends you the right sizes and appropriate gear, you choose which gender as well as your shirt size, calve size (for compression), and sock size. They take care of sending you a fun care package.

Fun Run Box Review

I appreciated that the Fun Run Box is catered for the season. Obviously, it’s February and colder.  The items this month included a headband, hat gloves, and hand warmers. The hat is a wool reversible City Sports Beanie.

Fun Run Box Review

All the winter gear was high quality and isn’t just cheap, clearance stuff on sale.

The Fun Run Box also came with a few new to me products, including Nuttzo organic butter.  I’ve never tried Nuttzo before but have been making an effort to eat more peanut butter, so this was perfect. I liked both the original and the chocolate power fuel.

Fun Run Box Review

The Fun Run Box also came with a “Boost Hydrate” to get electrolytes. Similar to products like Nuun. It tasted good, and I appreciated the electrolytes.

In all, I like the idea of the Fun Run Box.  I think it’s a great idea for running friends that “have it all” or that you have no idea what they would like. We all have friends like that.

Right now, Fun Run Box is offering 15% off with the Code: Welcome15.  The boxes are usually 35.99 (if you do more than one month, they are cheaper). 

You can see all the product reviews here.

Questions for you:

Have you tried a subscription box? Runner box or any box? 

Have you ever gone on a running scavenger hunt? 


  1. I love these boxes!!! They’re like full of surprises and awesome stuff. Great box.

  2. This looks like a great sub box for runners. I love sub boxes, it’s so fun getting something in the mail!

  3. That would be such a fun box to get. I would definitely love the hand warmers. Once my hands get cold, it takes so much to get them warm again.

  4. That’s a great box! It reminds me of the fact that I should exercise more. I think I should take up running in spring again. 🙂

    1. That’s awesome, it’s fun to get a box each month with different surprises. It does keep your motivation higher!

  5. I like how they include snacks as well. They seem to have the right amount of protein for runners.

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