Brooks Ghost 11 Shoe Review

Brooks Ghost 11 shoe review

Brooks Ghost 11 Shoe Review:

The Brooks Ghost 11 is one of the most common and traditional shoes out there.  Anyone working in run specialty will tell you it’s one, if not the most sold neutral trainers.  The Brooks Ghost 11 feels comfortable when you try it on and has a full toe box. Plus, the Brooks Ghost 11 made in wide and even double-wide too.

Brooks Ghost 11 shoe review

I’ve worn the Ghost before, and one of my favorite pairs was the Brooks Ghost 9.  I had hoped to get a pair of  Brooks Ghost 11s in the New York City color, but I wasn’t able to order them through running specialty. (I guess they sent too many to bloggers?).

Each year, the Brooks Ghost is a consistent and reliable neutral shoe.  There is plenty of cushion, but the Brooks Ghost 11 is still light.

Brooks Ghost 11 Upper:

Since the Brooks Ghost 10, the look and design have been changed the most. The Brooks Ghost 11 looks aesthetically looks better than previous years (What is better anymore in the running world? The Brooks Ghost is named “Ghost” because the engineered mesh upper practically disappears on your foot. There is plenty of stretch and structure and the newly engineered mesh upper but it feels lighter.

As mentioned, the major update in the Brooks Ghost 11 comes in the upper. It uses new materials but maintains the breathability. Like most of Brooks shoes, there is a double layer of mesh, which keeps air filtering through but also keeps dirt out.

Fit wise; the Brooks Ghost has always been close to size. I wear anything from a women’s 10-11 wide, and I’ve found the 10 wide to fit the best year after year. A few people have complained the toebox is slightly more narrow in the Brooks Ghost 11, but that hasn’t been an issue for me.

The most common complaint from the Ghost is the lack of structure at the top.  Your feet are free-floating around in the top.  You never want any running shoe toebox to feel tight, but for many, this isn’t comfortable or natural.  Personally, I like it. In the Brooks Ghost 11, there are no seams, no overlays, and my feet can just chill without worrying about rubbing or being irritated by seams (technical, I know).

Brooks Ghost 11 Ride:

The Brooks Ghost 11 does feel slightly different.  The Ghost used to have a more chunky, thick layer of DNA foam.  There is now less “DNA” foam and more DNA Loft Foam.  The combination of Biomogo DNA and DNA loft foam makes the shoe light underfoot without losing responsiveness and durability.


The Loft foam is softer but also more responsive under the heel. Previously, the Brooks Ghost was a much softer trainer.  Now it’s transitioned into a shoe that you can do a workout, or easy run.  I’ve done both in the Brooks Ghost, and it responds accordingly. No matter how your foot lands, it’s a smoother ride.

Another thing to note is that the Brooks Ghost 11 is my go-to, rainy day shoe. The grip and flex grooves of the Brooks Ghost 11 running shoe is more substantial than many trainers. It’s not a trail or rain shoe, but it has a lot more grip than many other similar shoes.

Brooks Ghost 11 Conclusion:

The Brooks Ghost 11 is a great shoe. There is plenty of cushion, and it’s one of the cheaper traditional shoes. I’ve run about 300 miles in mine. The softness underfoot without losing responsiveness plus the durability and segmented crash pad in the Brooks Ghost 11 makes it a solid everyday trainer and one of the smoothest rides out there. I’ve run fast runs, slow runs, easy runs, hard runs, I’ve pretty much done everything with no issue in the Brooks Ghost 11. I can see why it’s been given the Editor’s Choice Award from Runners World.

Current Shoe Rotation (Keep in mind, I haven’t run since NYCM, but it’s what I left with)
Easy Runs: Brooks Glycerin 16, Brooks Ghost 11, On CloudaceUnderarmour Sonic, Hoka Cavu,
Workouts: Nike Fly, Hoka Cavu, On Cloudrush
Races: Nike Fly, Nike Pegasus Turbo, Nike Fly 4%

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Questions for you:
What is your staple shoe?
Do you use a different shoe for rainy days?

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  1. I haven’t worn Ghosts since the 3 and 4. Fell out of love with them with the 5 and shifted into the Pure Flows. My staples are still my Hoka Cliftons and my Saucony Triumphs. I tend to wear an older pair of shoes if it is raining because I hate to trash nice new shoes.

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