Training Last Week: Two Miles of Running

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Last week, I ran 2 miles. I’m not hurt or injured, but I didn’t feel like running. After the Atlantic City Half Marathon on Sunday, I needed a break from running. It didn’t go well, and I had no desire to run. On Monday I woke up and said eh maybe tomorrow. Tuesday I said, perhaps tomorrow…

Monday: 2000 meter swim
Tuesday: Hour Hike
Wednesday: 2-mile run/hike with Alexis
Thursday: 2050 meter swim
Friday: 2000 meter swim
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: 13.4-mile hike at High Point State Park


Spring never came together for me. I showed up and showed up and showed up. I ran hard workouts, I ran hard races, but other things got in the way. Life was busy and often mentally draining.  No big deal, but it played a role in my running. My Spring season isn’t mainly done, and I have plenty of races but will I run anywhere close to a 1:22 or even 1:25 this Spring, probably not. Rebuilding seasons are essential, and I know the rest will do me well.

So anyway, after the Atlantic City Half I decided I wanted to take a couple of days off. A couple of days turned into mostly a week (with 2 miles on Wednesday) because it was so beautiful.


The white elephant in the room…OMG, I went swimming. Yes, the rumors are true. As many people know, I grew up a swimmer (You can read my “growing up story” here). I swam competitively through high school and college. It was fun. I decided to get in the pool for the first time in a long time.

Back in my day (LOL), we didn’t have GPS watches to count laps and meters, so it was a new experience for me to have a watch that does it all. It’s so cool to see splits from each lap. I’m enjoying swimming. I don’t know how long I’ll swim and keep it up, but I’m enjoying it now. I swim 2000 meters straight.  I’m enjoying how I put my face into the water and don’t talk or know anything for about 45 minutes.

swimming me

13.4 Mile Hike:

This was one of our longest hikes yet. We’ve never been to High Point. We woke up early and treked along. It was a fun loop because there every mile was different from stream crossings to rain, to climbing up to the top. It was a lot of fun.  As it gets into the Spring and Summer, I’m looking forward to adding more hiking into my week (when time permits).

hiking high point state park me

Next Week:

The last week has been a nice break from running. I am going to start running again.  I think I’ll probably swim some too. I joined a gym and have at least a one month contract so might as well use it.

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Questions for you:

When was your last running break?

What is something you did growing up but not anymore? 


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  1. Sometimes a running break is a good thing! I only did 3 runs this week, and they were all SUPER slow after my half marathon last weekend. My excuse was “I’m still recovering.” But honestly, I was. Mentally and physically. I actually got into the weight room for the first time in a year…(usually I just do body weight workouts for strength), and WOW. I’m vowing to re-focus on incorporating weight training into my weekly routine going forward!

  2. I did gymnastics for over 10 years, was even on my High Schools varsity team until I realized I’m about 4 inches too tall, not flexible enough and not graceful in the slightest bit so I switched to running! If you see me attempting gymnastics again I’d suggest calling 911 cause there’s no way I could safely do it again haha

    1. Omg I actually had no idea you did gymnastics. That’s awesome.

  3. I had a two week break due to illness but now have to make up my mileage so I don’t get behind on my goal.

  4. It’s always a good thing to listen to your body and you know I love (sort of) a good pool workout 🙂 I think about hiking more all the time but I never do!! So glad you got out there for a long one and enjoyed it. Here’s to a week of doing whatever you feel like 🙂

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