January Training

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January and February always feel like the longest months to me. Thankfully, one down and the shorter one to go. I’ve been open with training, and while I’m running, doing workouts, and occasionally racing, I’m not chasing PRs and not in any peak shape.  I haven’t been able to be as consistent as I would like. That’s okay!  I’m not upset about it. We can’t always be in the best shape ever and always chasing PRs.

Miles Run: About 200
Range of Paces: 6:17-11:30-untimed
Rest Days: 6
Resolution Run 5k (19:44)
Carlsbad Half Marathon (1:29.44)
Workouts: 6


January wasn’t a bad month, just busy.  In the last few years, I’ve come to realize I appreciate a nice vacation in January or February. I don’t love winter and like getting somewhere warmer.

The first half of the month wasn’t bad weather wise. The cold weather was there but it’s been much colder the second half. I’ll run outdoors in 15 degrees but the single digit temperatures usually have me inside.

For our vacation, this year we decided to go back to California. Instead of staying near San Diego, we drove up 101 and to San Francisco. We hiked so many different spots and saw plenty of new locations and places.

We added the Carlsbad half marathon in there too. I knew I wasn’t in the “best shape” ever but wanted to give the race my all. Dehydration ultimately got to me, but I was happy to log a 1:29.44.

Other than that, training has been grinding when I can. In February, I would like up my miles and log more quality sessions and progress towards getting back into shape. I’m also going to reintroduce some weights, planks, and body weight exercises into my routine. It’s been so long since I’ve made an effort there.


I’m looking forward to hopefully increasing fitness in February. I know I have a long way to go but I can’t wait to finally get back at it.

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Whoa ,I had more posts than I anticipated!  I guess I blogged a lot.

Questions for you:

How was your month of January?

What is your favorite month of the year? 


  1. Winter always feels like the longest season! I’m glad January is over, it was a challenging month but actually one of the best months I’ve had in years, hoping February is even better!

    1. February will be the best because hopefully we will be reunited. 😬

  2. Enjoyed reading your January summary! I still think you smashed that half-marathon given what you describe as your current fitness level.

    My favourite months has to be December till March because of daylight saving, we get a lot of daylight. So much easier to get long runs done which are a challenge to plan during the winter seasons here in Melbourne 😁

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