Brooks Ricochet Shoe Review

Brooks Ricochet Shoe Review

Right now, Brooks is the top brand in run specialty. Since they only make running and walking shoes, they do a good job. The Brooks Richochet is a new shoe from Brooks. Similar to the Brooks Levitate 2, it uses DNA AMP. It’s much more responsive than both the Brooks Ghost or Brooks Glycerin. Just because you like the softer Ghost or Glycerin, doesn’t mean you’ll like the firmer Richochet or Levitate. In fact, most people prefer one or the other.

It’s lighter with less cushion than the Levitate 2, but still a lot of cushioning. Personally, I’ve thought the Levirate 2 feels like a bulky shoe. Generally, I like bulkier shoes, but the Levitate 2 has always just felt like a brick. I was excited to hear Brooks made a lighter version of the Levitate.

Brooks Ricochet Shoe Review


The fit of the Ricochet is interesting. It fits similar to the Levitate with an almost sock-like fit that comes up higher than a traditional shoe. It’s seamless and has plenty of space for those (like me!) with a wider forefront. I typically wear between a size 10-11 wide, and the 10.5 fits fine.

Diving more into the upper, the higher sock-like fit was created to keep “the foot more secure” as well as not allowing dirt in. I’m not a fan of it in any shoe or brand that does this (unless it’s a trail boot) and would prefer a traditional upper. It does take time to get used too.  It is seamless and doesn’t rub, so that is a plus. Do I feel more secure with the higher upper? No.


The Richoet is different than most of the Brooks line.  It has a layer of DNA AMP to provide the maximum of amount of energy return.  There is also a layer of DNA foam to cut down on weight (Which is why the Levitate is so heavy).

As Brooks says, this design is supposed to provide flexibility between the two layers of cushion while also being responsive.

Brooks Ricochet Shoe Review

While running, I could feel how responsive the shoe was. I appreciate how firm and responsive the shoe is without being overly heavy or bulky. While I don’t think it would be the best speed work shoe, I think it’s a much “faster” shoe than most of their neutral shoes.

Something to note, which I’ve been finding more and more with several models across brands, is the lack is traction.  During rainy or slick days, the Richochet does not grip the found like many other shoes. I save them for dry days or the treadmill.


I think the Richoet is a good shoe from Brooks for someone looking for a firmer and more responsive shoe from the Glycerin or Ghost. It’s also a good shoe for someone who likes the Levitate but wants a lighter shoe. Would I personally choose it over the Ghost or Glycerin? No, but I prefer a softer shoe.

From Brooks, I’m team DNA forever. I think the Ricochet could use tune-ups from the upper to just the overall weight, but typically most new shoes need some help. I’ll continue to use the shoe for workouts and occasionally for daily runs, but I still prefer the Glycerin or Ghost.

Shoe Rotation:

Daily Runs: Brooks Glycerin, Hoka Cavu, New Balance 1080,  Saucony Triumph

Workouts: Nike Fly, Brooks Richochet

Races: Nike Streak LT, Nike Fly

Questions for you:

What is your current favorite shoe?

Do you prefer a heavy or light shoe? 


4 responses

  1. I’ve been looking into picking up a pair of the Ricochet for marathon-build long runs, and your review answered all the questions I had. Thanks Hollie!

  2. Great review. I was wondering about this shoe when I heard of it. I like the Ghost (just discovered it last fall). Generally I prefer a light shoe and the Ghost is about as heavy as I go. Also, I agree with you on the lack of traction. My adidas shoes seem to be good, but my Nikes are notoriously bad with regards to that.

    • Not every Nike is bad with traction but most of the social media shoes like 4% or the fly are. 😞

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