Base Building: Rolling with the Punches

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I spent last week just cranking along. I did have a couple of small snafus in the week, but I adjusted as needed.

I read a tweet about how much fitness can be built in about 12 weeks.  While it was directed towards the Boston Marathon, it resonated with me in general. Many bigger races are in April, so I plan to build towards April.  I don’t have a goal in mind now, just to get back into shape.

Seeing that kept me more positive that hopefully, I will build back fitness towards 18:30 5ks.  I’ve been negative on myself and my training because fitness has come back slower.  I’m not surprised because it seems like there is 1-2 days per week, that I need to take a day off due to needing sleep more.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes/hike the Headley Overlook
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 12X400 averaging 6:01 pace, 400 jog in between
Thursday: Easy 60 minutes with Jen Miller
Friday: Easy 60 minutes
Saturday: Frosted Face 5k (19:49) Total mileage: 10
Sunday: OFF


All of my easy runs were just that, easy. On Tuesday, my body was exhausted from all of the running and hiking. I knew running was not going to be productive so I opted to rest. It was the best thing I could have done for myself.  On Thursday I ran with Jen which was nice. I’ve struggled some days to get out the door, so meeting someone is motivation.

Wednesday: 12x400s with 400 jog (averaging 6:01 pace):

I realized after looking at my training log, I’ve actually done this workout a few times recently.  This was my fastest, as well as the best weather.

Saturday: Frosted 5k: 19:49

I thought it was fairly obvious that this wasn’t a sanctioned 5k, but the internet can be hard to read. As I did last month, I decided to run a hard 5k in my neighborhood. I would run more races but there aren’t too many local races now. (if any?) RIP Icicle 10 miler.

Anyway, I ran 6:30, 6:20, 6:20, which I’m pleased with. It’s close to the time I ran at the Resolution Run on January 1st.

Next Week:

Next week I’m taking a vacation and going out to California. Last time we went, we stayed in the San Diego area and made one trip to LA.  This time we are flying into LA, running the Carlsbad half marathon, then driving up to San Francisco and Sacramento area. This time, the Carlsbad half is not a goal race for me. I’m hoping to run faster than the Race 13.1 but that is about it.

As far as the vacation itself, we don’t have a lot of plans yet, but are looking forward to just hiking and seeing what we see.  So if you have some recommendations, let me know!

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Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Are there races this time of year around you?


  1. My training has definitely been of to a slow start start which is discouraging! I started the new year with bronchitis which I had for like 2 weeks then when I started to feel better I got hit with an awful stomach virus and currently am now dealing with a sprained lower back….oh life you are testing me lol Thankfully mentally I am doing well and just trying to roll with the punches!

    I hope you have a great vacation!! 🙂

    1. Ah I’m so sorry about your back. I hope it heals soon. 😔

  2. You’re doing a fantastic job building back up! Rebuilding fitness can be frustrating but it can also be very exciting! A fresh start. My ‘comeback’ after baby has been nothing short of sloooooooow. Speed has been hard for me.

    1. I appreciate that Jess, but I haven’t been all that consistent. Sorry to hear your build back has been slower as well. Do you have a goal race?

      1. I do. Nashville marathon in April. Baby girl will be about 15 months old. I’m just now starting to feel ‘strong’ again…

  3. I’m curious what the tweet about 12 weeks fitness was!
    As far as LA – hike Mt Baldy – also, it suppose to rain all week so pack your rain jacket! Palos Verdes is beautiful and offers some shorter hikes. Ocean diner in Hermosa Beach is a favorite of mine – i love their breakfast (specially pancakes 🤤) happy vacationing! I hope to see you in Carlsbad 🤩

    1. I wish I remember who said it Jess. I don’t think I’ll actually stay in LA much at all. Let me know though Carlsbad!

  4. I’m feeling super slow right now so I’m constantly reminding myself that I’m in a building phase and have 12 more weeks until my race. It’s SO hard so I’m happy to read this and know I’m not alone. Have the best time in California!!! Looking forward to following along on social media 🙂

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