Tips for Morning Workouts

Tips for Morning Workouts

Recently I received a question about running and working out in the morning.   I haven’t always been a “morning runner,” but since graduating college, I’m a morning runner 99% of the time.  If I don’t run before 9 am, chances are I don’t run.  Of course, it doesn’t include races, although I did wish they all started before 9.

I will be the first to tell you it’s much easier to run in the morning during the summer.  It gets lighter earlier, and it’s warmer.  You don’t feel as though you’re ripping blankets off to go for a run in the dark and cold.  With my constant change of schedule, it’s better for me to get the run done earlier.

I posted a long time ago that I don’t drink coffee before I run.  I used to drink coffee right when I woke up almost every day. However, I had one bad race (the Distance series in 2013? 2014? And that ruined it for me.

Recently I was sent Alert Caffeine Gum to try.  I’ve heard of caffeinated gum before, and it seems like a lot of people swear by it.  Thinking out loud, I’m not a huge gum chewer, but I was excited to give it a shot.  Like anything, you don’t know until you try!

Alert Caffeinated Gum

Here are some other ways I prepare myself to workout in the morning:

Sleep: I am known to turn my technology off around 9-9:30 pm.  I might go to bed a little later, but I stop fiddling with the computer, texting, etc.  It allows me to wind down and actually get to bed.  Tweeting at the pillowcase keeps me wide awake.

Set an Alarm (or 2 or 10): I’ve adjusted to waking up between 5-5:30 am most mornings.  To be honest, at this point it doesn’t phase me.  However, it didn’t use to be like that, and I needed an alarm to pull me out of bed.

Check the Weather: Mentally I like to have an idea if I’ll be running inside or outside.  Or if it’s going to be snowing, pouring rain, or windy.  Not all surprises are good ones.

Make Sure. You Have Appropriate Gear Clean: Many bloggers will tell you to lay your clothing out, and I think that is fantastic advice, however, for me if I have appropriate gear cleaned and findable, I consider it a good day.

Caffeine! As I mentioned, I no longer drink coffee before I run.  I was lucky enough to be sent Alert Caffeine GumAlert Caffeine Gum to try.  I’ve consistently chewed a piece after breakfast, and I do feel a bit more jazzy during my run.  I don’t feel like I’m slogging through the first mile.

I’ve also tried Alert Gum in the middle of the day, and it doesn’t keep me up at night.  It has half the caffeine of a cup of coffee which is a great amount for me.

Alert Gum is available in Mint or Fruit flavors, and each pack has 8 pieces.  It’s available on Amazon or Walmart for $2.99. Personally, I like the fruity flavor the best.

Finally, Stick to It:  Sometimes we want to change but aren’t willing to give it time.  Give your new routine at least 2 weeks.  If after two weeks, it’s not for you, find something that is!

Thank you Alert Caffeine Gumfor sponsoring this post!

Questions for you:
What time do you like to workout?
Do you have any methods to wake up in the morning?


  1. I’m normally a morning person as well. My work schedule can be flexible so I have a lot of leeway. I always do coffee (probably too much), but I’d be interested in trying some caffeinated gum.

  2. I’m an early bird too. Except, I haven’t used caffeine since 1998. Decaf everything and I’m high energy!

    1. That is awesome. Do you drink a lot of decaf coffee? I don’t mind it, but I know people have a lot of strong opinions LOL

  3. Am not really a morning person because i love working deep into the night. I been trying to reschedule myself to achieve this. I will work to improve on that.

  4. I live in SoCal and I generally run in the afternoon so I can watch the sun set over the beach! If only I could run in the morning – i have to leave at 5am just to get to work on time. I’m going to have to try that gun. Seems like a better alternative than coffee

  5. I’ve never tried the caffeinated gum before but you totally convinced me I need to! I’ve had those jelly beans that are caffeinated before and they seem to be pretty helpful during long runs for sure!

    I’ve ALWAYS had it on my goal list to be a morning runner, but for some reason it just hasn’t stuck with me! I’ll keep trying to get better at it though for sure!

    Have a great week Hollie!!

    1. I hope you have a great week too Chelsea. I feel like anything, it takes a bit to become a habit but once it does, it is much easier!

  6. Oh I wish I could run early morning! My husband gets up and leaves by 530 AM and I work nights. So I have had to run after work at 10PM. What a difference. I look forward to eventual schedule changes because I love early morning runs. My favorite is running while the sun is still coming up.

    1. Wow! Running at 10 pm is amazing. I am normally sleeping at that time, but it’s great you’re able too. I do hope you get your schedule change though!

  7. It’s funny as the cold winter dark days mean I struggle to get up and sleep. I don’t even like to go gym when its cold but once I get there i love it and i’m glad I went.

    1. That’s how I feel too. It can be hard to get to the gym, but once you do…you feel great!

  8. I’m an early riser and love putting my health first. Love walking during the afternoons as well. The sunsets are always stunning.

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