December Training Log

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December was a weird month for me.   I’m actively training and have even had a few solid workouts.  However, I haven’t raced and to be honest that is weird for me.  I’m “known” to race a lot.  Why? Because I like it.  I like the grind of racing a lot of 5ks, and pushing myself.  When you workout and run by yourself, it can be hard to push yourself.

Which leads me back to why December was “weird”.  I only raced once.  I had planned many more races, but the weather prevented them. Last month it seemed to snow or we got ice on the weekends.  Plus with the holidays and getting ready for a deployment, planning things kind of went out the window.

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January is a new month…so new me?  Right?  We will let mother nature decide.  Judging by today and this week, I’m not sure.

Miles run: Around 200
Rest Days: 4
Races: 1
Workout Days: 8
Range of Paces: 6:00-11:12-untimed

December: Thoughts:

I mentioned last week in my training log, it was definitely an interesting month for me.  Usually, I have far fewer workouts and more races but you must adapt to what the cards are dealt.  Everyone is dealing with cold and miserable conditions.  Despite not racing, I am getting quality workouts in.  It’s just hard to know where I stand in terms of fitness.  I feel more confident and less rusty when I have a few shorter races under my belt.  Other than that, not much else went on.

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January Thoughts:

For me, January is always a tough month.  It’s cold, dark, and cold.  I’m the first to admit I’m not a fan of any of these things but seasons change.   I’m hoping to stay motivated and crank through the month.  Maybe I should take my own advice for morning workouts…ha.

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