Training Update: Physical and Mental

Last week was the first time in a while, I had any inclination to run. As I’ve mentioned, the last few weeks have been extremely busy for me (outside of working out).  In anti-runner blogger form, I didn’t miss running in the slightest.

In Early May, my in-laws and parents came up.  Then my husband came home.  Finally, last week I got to see my brother, Matt, who I haven’t seen in two years due to him being overseas.

Working out has been anything but at the top of my mind lately.  Yet, I’ve gone to the gym a few times, and somehow I have found time to maintain a running blog while not running.  Oddly enough, I still enjoy blogging.

Due to the nature of how busy I’ve been this month, I’ve been out of the running store for most of May too.  Mentally, it was probably good to be out of the store although I do miss my friends and coworkers.

Anyways, back to workouts! To be honest, I had to look back on my Instagram this week and remember exactly which days I did what.

Monday:  Rest
Tuesday:  Short Core workout
Wednesday:  Short Core Workout
 Thursday:  1 Hour Strength Class
 Friday:  Rest
 Saturday:  1 Hour Strength Class
 Sunday:  1 Hour Elliptical

Yesterday, I ran 4 miles with my brother.  No watch, but probably around 10 min pace.  I felt okay.  Is it the start of running again?  Maybe, maybe not but he asked if I wanted to run and I said ok.

Throughout the years, this blog has taken many different turns. 

I’ve swam…

I’ve run…

I’ve blogged through college…

I’ve blogged through working in a public health office…

Most recently, I’ve blogged about working in a running store and well, running!

As my life and interests evolve, so does blogging!  I’m not saying I’m giving up running competitively and I’m not giving up blogging, but it’s important (for me) to take a step back and say: I need to do this for myself, not how those on social media want/need.  Fueledbylolz is a journey of my life and training.  I originally started my blog to reflect upon my journey not to make a career or please readers (although it’s great to find people who share similar interests!)

With all of this rambling, this turned out to be more of a mental update than a training update but we need those too.

In short, last week was a good workout week for where I’m at in life.  I’ve already run this week and it was ok.

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Questions for you:

How many years have been blogging?  I’m coming up on 6 in August!  :O

What was your best workout last week?

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  1. Hollie – I totally understand where you are at currently. I’ve fallen in and out of love and in and out with running over the past few years. And I think what you’re doing is absolutely correct – when I have time to exercise again, I’ll be just doing whatever I fancy, and if it’s not running I’m not going to beat myself up. And if it is running then I’ll take it. Once you take off your own preconceptions of how you’re meant to be and live, and just enjoy the moment – it makes you realise what’s important!

  2. My blog is also 6! I think it’s great that you’ve had so many happy reasons to not have time and/or desire to workout. Usually it’s injuries that keep us from doing it, right?

  3. It’s SO important to listen to your mind and body and take a step back – for sure! I love how busy you are otherwise with important family stuff and running with your brother is the best!! Every once and a while I get to run with mine and I love it.

  4. The blogs I love reading most are the ones where you get to see the author evolve and not just stick to the same topic every day for years…
    Seems like you still managed a fair bit of training even with the busy schedule!

    Rachel | Coffee & Avocados

  5. I’ve been blogging 12 years this November. I cannot believe it has been this long. My blog has also changed as life has. With my move to NC, it has become almost all about book reviews. I intend to get back to blogging soon.

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