The Summer I Actually Enjoyed Running

Where to begin my summer training thoughts?

In summary I had one of the best summers of training I’ve had in a very long time. I ran and progressed but the major take away is I actually enjoyed running! That is something my training has lacked for a while.

The last two years I’ve either been training for a marathon or been injured.  Sometimes I question whether I have ever truly enjoyed marathon training. I haven’t had a marathon I’m too proud of and I am my happiest (running wise) when I’m not marathon training.

Who knows though later down the line…This summer I focused on going to the track, working on speed and getting my turnover back to where it was two years ago.  It’s nowhere near there yet but it is progressing.

I often compare my training now to about two years ago.  The summer of 2013 was the last time I consider myself to be happy with my training.  I was training consistently, I was PRing and I was both motivated and happy.  Personally I find myself the happiest when I race frequently.  Racing frequently allows me to get speed work in, chat with friends and of course hang out too.

scott coffee run 8k

I wrote a post my love for racing here.

A lot of people don’t agree with this method but it’s what makes me happy. As long as it’s healthy, I think it’s important to do what makes you happy.  Running will never be my source of income so it doesn’t make sense to do things I don’t enjoy.

Moving on: Summer of 2015 was the most fun I’ve had training:


Training Posts:


June 6th: Scott Coffee 8k  32:44
July 7th: Woodbury 5k 19:40
June 13th: Flag Day 10k 45:40
June 27th: Medford Lakes 10k
July 4th: Firecracker 5k 19:15
July 11: Belmar 5 miler 33:04
July 16: Community Heros 5k (20:15)
July 25: Run for the Hill of It 5 Miler (34:30)
Aug 1: Delaware Kids Fund (21:33)
Aug 8: HJMC 5k (20:13)
Aug 15: Judy Johnson 5k (20:33)
Aug 22: Belmar Chase 5k (19:34)
Aug 29: United Medical 5k (19:34)
Sep 6: RnR Va Beach 13.1 (1:31.50)

Fastest mile: 5:53 (Belmar Chase)
Fastest 5k: 19:15 (Firecracker 5k)

Number of States Raced in: 4 (NJ, PA, DE and VA)
Distances Raced: (5) 5k, 8k, 5m (trail), 10k (trail), 13.1

Finishing the 5k


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In summary this summer was a great period of training for me.  While I didn’t set any PRs, I trained smart and consistent.  I know the work I put in will eventually pay off.  Hopefully it’s with the cooler weather!

Where will fall take me?

I’m honestly not sure.  I haven’t picked out any major goal races.  I would honestly like to continue training how I have been and see how my fitness continues to build and grow.  I will be writing a fall goals and training post…as soon as I figure out what I would like to do this fall!Questions for you:

How was your summer of training?
How was your summer with life?