4 miles of Track and Half Marathons are Hard


This week was another week at the grind.  I felt good the entire week.  My training schedule has become routine but I think that’s a good thing.  I have talked a lot about staying consistent with my training.


Lately both Monday and Tuesday have been easy runs. For about half the runs I don’t use Garmin or time the run. I just do what feels the best.  It’s the main reason I run similar if not the same loop.  When I run the same loop, I know how far I’ve run and don’t have to worry about time.

Workout Wednesday (this week): 

4×1 mile repeats with 2 minutes rest (6:05, 6:11, 6:16, 6:14)

I felt pretty good during the entire workout. I will say mile repeats are hard! This week I added an extra mile to my workout. Obviously that gives me a total of a 4 mile workout versus 3 total miles of hard running. I actually felt like I had more in the gas tank at the end of the workout. I will hold my workouts to 4 miles until I inch closer to the 6 mile pace.

I have been focusing on the home stretch because I know that’s where my racing lacks.  I don’t have the power or endurance to kick it home.  In each run (easy run or workout), I spend the last quarter of a mile picking it up.  My hope is that it will increase my turnover! In the last two weeks I’ve felt the benefit of that.

This week I ran easy on Thursday too.  I took Friday off since my race was today. Sunday races throw me off, however, many of my upcoming races are on Sunday so I better get used to it.

Saturday I ran easy with Tim. We’ve been getting a lot of running in together. We ran then immediately drove down to Virginia Beach. By we drove, I mean he drove.

Post track workout: adorable...
Post track workout: adorable…

Then today I raced the RnR Half Marathon. As many long time readers know, I ran this race two years ago before moving. The interesting aspect about the race two years ago was I had been hit by a cyclist who broke my arm!

Today was about as I expected. I haven’t RACED a half marathon since April 2014. I ran both Harbor Lights in November and Shamrock (1:33 in much better temperatures) but both were around injuries. I haven’t raced a half since I blew up at the New Jersey half marathon.

Today I ran the RnR half in 1:31.50. I’m very pleased with that. I haven’t been doing half marathon specific work. I’ve run several long runs between 13-15 miles. RnR Va Beach is always a hot and humid race. Today the weather was 80+ degrees with 90% humidity! When I ran 2 years ago I was in the best shape of my life and ran a 1:28 so I’m proud of this!

Via instagram

Mileage: 70
Workout miles: 17
Thoughts: I am really happy with these week.  It’s making me hungry to continue training because I know I’m slowly but surely improving and getting back to my fitness of 2 years ago.

Next week: I desperately need an easier week so that is what I’m doing!

Anyways enough rambling, I’ll have a race recap up sometime this week. Unlike 5ks, half marathons leave me laying on the couch all day and catching up on the social medias.

I hope everyone has a happy Labor Day Weekend.  

Questions for you:
What is the hottest race you’ve ever done?

RnR VA Beach (either 2013 or this year) or the Save the Alamo half in 2013

How was your week of training?