Punky’s Diner (Medford, OR)

Punky’s Diner and Pies is a 50’s Diner in Medford, Oregon.  According to the website, they are known for their pies and “Homemade Goodness you can taste.” They are known for their 50s and 60s vibes and open until 2 pm. The first Oregon diner I stopped at is Terry’s Diner in Eugene. It was fun to pop by another one!

Punky's Diner Medford, Oregon

Punky’s Diner Atmosphere: B
I was excited to check out Punky’s Diner because it is known for its 50s and 60s atmosphere. It doesn’t stand out how many retro diners are located in an outdoor shopping mall.

When you walk in, you walk into a blast from the past with plenty of old-school memorabilia and fun stuff on the walls. You can’t miss the “Eat Pie” sign directly in the middle either. You can tell it’s a “regulars place” where everyone knows your name—the type of spot I want to be a regular at when I’m older.

Punky's Diner Medford, Oregon

Punky’s Diner Coffee: X
I didn’t order coffee this time around. I should start too again.

Punky’s Diner Food: A
The Punky’s Diner menu has everything a diner typically has. Something I found fun on the Punky’s Diner menu was the ingredient list that included “53 years married and counting”. Other ingredients include 25 years in the food industry and “a lot of hard work.

Punky's Diner Medford, Oregon sandwich

.”Some Punky’s Diner menu items include omelets, waffles, eggs, steak and eggs (which I’ve found is not as common as I think it is), Texas BBQ beef sandwich, and several salads and burgers.  Like most diners, breakfast is served all day (or until they close at 2 pm). They also have gluten-free bread if you want or need it; it’s one of the few diners I’ve seen do that! You can see the full menu here. Plus, Punky’s Diner is well known for its pies. I didn’t get pie this time around, but if I’m back, I will.

Punky's Diner Medford, Oregon sandwich

I decided to order the hot turkey grinder, which came with ham, turkey, bacon, and cheddar. I also added tater tots because I can’t remember the last time I had those. The meal itself was good, and I have no complaints. The bread was toasted well, and everything tasted good. I would order it again.

Punky's Diner Medford, Oregon

Punky’s Diner Service: A

The food was ready when I got there. I ordered over the phone, and the hostess was friendly. When I arrived to pick it up, everything felt safe, and the food was ready to go. I couldn’t have asked for better service.

Punky’s Diner Conclusion/Would I Come Back?
I liked Punky’s Diner in Medford, Oregon, and found it to be a great stop along the road. I definitely would love to come back and eat it in and try one of their well-known pies sometimes.

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite type of pie?
When was the last time you had tater tots?