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I feel like it’s finally appropriate to open this post with: I’m actually training in the Spring.  By this point, we are nearly into summer.  I do feel as if my running (knock on wood) is to the point I can talk about what I’m training in.  Not being injured is awesome and I would train in cotton chaffing tube socks if it meant I stayed injury free.


The two shoes I’ve reviewed last were the Asics Nimbus 17 and the Saucony Triumph ISO.  Since we last spoke, my opinion of both shoes has changed quite a bit.  Something to keep in mind about running shoes: Just because a shoe works for me doesn’t mean it will work for you.  The best way to figure out a proper running shoe is go to your local running store and get fitted.

Anyways, as I continued to run in the Asics Nimbus 17 the shoe gave me terrible blisters.  I’ve run through an entire pair now (about 400 miles).  I always wear proper socks but something about the new design of the upper rubs against my foot (on both feet).  It’s caused enough rubbing that my feet have bled through both the sock and the shoe and then calloused over.  I liked the upper design of the Nimbus 16 but I don’t think the Nimbus 17 are for me.

After talking with several coworkers and customers, I have realized I’m not the only one that has has this issue!  I like the Asics Nimbus but not enough for it to rub my foot raw.  After going through though this pair, I don’t think I’ll purchase another pair right now.  Cushion wise, it was great but blisters are painful and no one likes those…

Here is a photo from when they were one clean...
Here is a photo from when they were one clean…

The second (and better for me shoe this year) is the Saucony Triumph.  I have really enjoyed this shoe much more than anticipated.  It is by far the lightest shoe I have ever trained in but it still has so much cushion.  I now run the majority of my miles in the Saucony Triumph.  It has a lot of cushion but is very light weight.  I bought another pair because they have been good to me and I enjoy the feeling.

I’ve been impressed with a lot of the newer models that Saucony has recently released.  The update with the upper (in both the Triumph and Hurricane) makes them very solid shoes.  They fit your feet and most importantly haven’t given my foot any issues.

Today at work my paycheck goes towards a new pair.

A photo of the Saucony triumph on some flowers...
A photo of the Saucony triumph on some flowers…


The Moving Comfort Hot Shot Bra is my go to bra.  I don’t get chafing and I feel like I can wear it with or without clothing or underneath clothing.  I have a wider back/shoulders (hashtag forever swimmer) and it doesn’t dig into my shoulders.  I just discovered what a great line of bras Moving Comfort makes.  We carry them at work and they fit woman for A to DD+.  All my ladies should check them out, you won’t regret it.

Lots of people asked about this bra on instagram
Lots of people asked about this bra on instagram

In the last few months I have been enjoying a lot of the lululemon leggings and products.  I decided to purchase the What the Sport Short.  I don’t like see through shorts (who does?) and these are thick enough that they aren’t see-through.  They also have a higher waistband (Nike Pro waist band is so low…).  They fit really well and they even have a little bit of compression to them.

The other short I’ve been enjoying is the Saucony Bullet short.  They are very similar to the What the Sport Short except Saucony brand.  They have pockets for your gels and are a little bit thicker.  I used to like the Nike pro shorts (and still do for funky patterns) but I like how long the lulu and bullet shorts last.  I also like that they have pockets and are a little bit thicker so your buns don’t show through.

Question for you: What warm weather products are you enjoying?


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  1. I live in Lulu run swiftly tanks. Mainly because they are the only tanks that don’t feel heavy once I start sweating and really wick away any excess moisture. And they’re super soft so they never chafe!

  2. I second the Moving Comfort shoutout! Moving Comfort bras are the best, hands down, in my opinion. I just got a Nike running tank that has pops mesh and it’s super airy and lightweight – love it. I’m also loving Zella brand stuff – I have a few of their tanks and capris and they fit well and are not expensive. Perfect combination!

  3. I actually need to go buy new workout clothes because I feel like I haven’t gotten anything new in forever. I was creeping Lulu’s website, and they have a new tank called Run The Day which looks super nice. I think it’s even got some sort of silver threading to add some antibacterial properties. Super fancy.

  4. I ran in Asics Gel Nimbus for about 3 years until a new model shoe started to rub me wrong. I switched to Newton Distance and fell in love with the light minimalist shoe.

    Since it is always hot here, I use De Soto Skin Cooler shirt with Ice Pockets and their Tuesday Run shorts. De Soto makes the best and most comfortable gear.

  5. I’m on the lookout for new shorts and definitely need to try the saucony ones. We have them at my store but haven’t tried them on yet. I’m so glad it’s finally spring!

  6. Actually, some of Moving Comfort’s bras run larger than DD which is amazing! I usually have to order mine online because most retail carries don’t carry larger than DD in the store. The Juno bra is my go-to and I highly recommend it to any of the larger-cup ladies. It holds everything in place with no chafing.

    I have the Bullet capris and will be ordering a pair of the shorts for the summertime. I love how much can fit in the pockets!

  7. The thing with Nike Shorts being so thin… If you have a white or light colored short… well, you’re practically just walking around with nothing on at all. I always appreciate the thicker material which doesn’t chaff at the same time. And you know I just became a HUGE fan of Saucony Triumphs. GAH. Like living on clouds.

    1. Hahaha I loled about walking around the house with nothing on because that is true. I feel old saying they are too thin for me now

  8. That’s funny you mention the blisters because my Triumphs have been giving me some lately. I haven’t run in them in a few weeks because of it. I’m back to the Ride/Rider these days. 🙂

    1. Are you running in the triumph ISO? I hope they aren’t giving you blisters, that’s such my go too shoe!

  9. I bought a couple of cheap racer back tank tops from Forever 21 and they’ve actually worked really well! I just needed some extras and so far so good. I’m sure they won’t last long but they’re good for now!

  10. I really like the oiselle stride shorts. The 4 inch inseam is perfect. The UA ones with the 3 inch inseam ride up really bad for me and look like I’m wearing runderwear. I still run in Nike Tempo shorts often even though they are so 2012. They fit and hold up well and aren’t see through, at least. The saucony shorts look really cute with the piping on the sides.

    I tried out the nimbus at a group run with Fleet Feet. I liked them, the cushioning was good and felt like they would be a great shoe for longer runs. Of course, that was just a 4-5 miler so you can’t tell everything from one run, but it’s a shoe I’d consider. I’d love to try the Saucony Triumph at a wear test so maybe I should look into that if FF has another. I am moving away from Mizuno shoes for training runs because there’s not a ton of cushioning there but still like running 5K races in my Hitogami’s.

    1. Mizuno are not minimalist but they are so light weight and firm it feels like it (for me at least!). I need more cushioning then they can provide!

      1. That and I’m not a fan of a high-drop shoe anymore. The Hitogami and the Fresh Foam Zante (my new balance shoes) have like an 8mm drop and I am finding I like that better. The Zante has a lot better cushioning and flexibility than Mizuno Wave Rider and is also cheaper in price.

        Asics Gel Nimbus were super cushioned- I ran 8 miles in my Mizunos before that FF test run so I did the last few miles of a long run in very cushioned shoes. That was interesting…

  11. I run in lulu skirts. When I started training for my first marathon in 2005, I hated the bagginess of shorts, especially wearing them for 3+ hour runs. So I started to wear tennis skirts. Lulu makes the best (for me) because they are cute, comfy, don’t ride up, have ample pockets. I also love their ‘stuff your bra’ bra and ‘stuff your tank’ tanks because, again…pockets!

  12. I run in the Saucony Kinvara and they are wonderful. I am on my second pair and could not be happier. I just got my first Oiselle bra and it was worth the cost. It also has my running team logo on it so I can represent while I sweat B-)

      1. Not quite sure, I ripped off the tag and it only says the brand name inside along with sizing. It’s kind of razorback but has two straps.

  13. So sad about the Nimbus 17. 🙁 I love reading your reviews because good gear is so important! I received two pairs of Asics shorts in the mail today and I’ll be testing them out tomorrow, but I have a feeling I will like them!

    1. What kind of Asics shorts did you get? I do agree that having a few good pieces is super important!

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