Week 3: Most Boring Training Log Ever

Week 3 was almost a mirror image of week two.  I ran easy, consistent mileage.  With the exception of being chased by momma geese, nothing too interesting happened while running.

I did manage to capture this pretty shot of Cooper River before the row competitions began.

cooper river

On the injury front, instead of falling and hurting myself, I sliced my finger open cutting up an onion.  I hope I’m getting over this constant injury flow.

Besides slicing my finger open, there was nothing exciting or interesting about the week. I put in the time and mileage to build a base.  It was uneventful and injury free. Right now my training is boring. I know it makes for even more boring blog posts.

Monday: 7.35 miles
Tuesday: 7.4 miles
Wednesday: 10.8 miles
Thursday: 10.6 miles
Friday: OFF
Saturday: 10.5 miles
Sunday: 5k Race (20:15)

All of my training runs in May will be easy. I didn’t use my garmin during any of my week runs.  I will admit that I was getting a little bit bored on the last few runs this week so I’ve been looking for some friends to run with.

Next week I think I will switch it up to not get bored or stale.  I’ve found that doing the same routes repetitively gets boring and promotes injury. The goal of next week will be to change it up (whether that is running with people or running different routes). Base building can get really boring but boring is always better than injured.

The 5k went well.  It was hot, humid and on partial trails.  It was about 5 seconds faster than last week on a harder day and course.  

As far as core workouts and doing the little things I’ve been keeping up with that too. I’ve done a few various core drills like planks, Russian twists, etc. I found this great article a while ago from competitior and do that frequently.

I’ve mentioned before but one of my favorite apps is the Nike Training Club phone app. (not sponsored) They have structured workouts.  It’s not limited to your core and they have workouts from 5 mins to 50.  I like having something telling me what to do versus going to the gym with no goal.

I guess this week can be defined as the most boring training log ever. In summary I’m uninjured, healthy and enjoying base building. Next week I will try to be more exciting and find some friends to run with!

Question for you: 

How was your week of training?

What are some core/little things you do to stay injury free? 

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  1. Congrats on your 5K race and another week of training complete :). That picture of the river is really beautiful. We have a Cooper River here too and it’s fun to see that you guys have a river with the same name that looks so very different.

    To stay injury free, I try to remember to foam roll and stretch on a regular basis. I do go to yoga each week too, that definitely helps. I like to switch up running surfaces and terrain but it’s hard (not really many trails here, at least not ones that are safe for me to run on alone). I think switching running paces helps too, running with friends makes that a bit easier. Sometimes an extremely easy day can be quite rejuvenating :).

  2. I feel you with the geese I was chased by a swan once.. Probably the fastest mile I’ve ever ran!!! I had a very boring training week too! Here’s hoping next week is better 🙂

  3. I try to do a 3-4 minute plank every night. That is about the extent of my core training for now. Have you thought about doing some farleks or speed track sessions? That might keep your runs from getting boring 🙂

  4. I really like the Nike Training App and the core/ab workouts from TIU girls/Blogilates. Specifically, the Victoria’s Secret Ab workout. It’s my go-to for a reliable one. Diner soon, please?

  5. I’ve never seen the Cooper River look so beautiful… probably because I am a night owl. 😛 I just downloaded the Nike app! I hadn’t heard of it before but it looks super cool! I need to start doing butt workouts so hopefully Nike can hook. me. up.

  6. It is hard to believe there is such a beautiful river so close to the poorest city in America, Camden! I’ve had a cold this past week so training is a little off. I think there is a fine line between fitness and illness.

  7. last week i ran 3 times, 3 miles per run and all were frustrating – soleus injury not fun but i’m seeing a doc. i sitll have not figured out new running stuff for summer, but need to. it’s getting HOT here in houston. gorgeous lake pic, congrats on the 5K and i love that article from competitor. i always need more core work, i never hit it enough.

  8. I’ve been trying to be more consistent with corework too. Planks have been my go-to exercise of choice lately. To change it up, I’ll raise and hold my left leg and right arm for a few seconds, then return both to the ground and do the opposite. Big-time burn!

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