Seven Star Diner (Sewell)

Seven Star Diner (Sewell, NJ)

After a more than eventful few days at work and life, Erin asked if I wanted to get dinner last Saturday.  I happily agreed: a new diner and new area…two winning combinations.  After googling diners in South Jersey, the Seven Star Diner in Sewell popped up.  I’ve found just googling diners in NJ; I can quickly look at diners close by.  I’m never within a few miles of a good diner. 

Seven Star Erin and I

Seven Star Diner Atmosphere: A

The entire parking lot of the Seven Star Diner was packed.  Immediately we thought we would have to wait for a table…but staying to true diner values, they always have room for one more party.  I think in 95% of diner reviews, I start off saying I have thought the diner would be packed yet I’ve only ever had to wait once at a diner.

We sat in the bar and lounge area, which was nice.  They were playing top 40 music, which was always fun.    They played all of my favorite songs, including Taylor Swift’s “Shake it off.”  They had already won me before we got the meal.

Seven Star Diner Coffee: A

The coffee was good and 1.99 for unlimited refills.  The whipped cream was good. I forgot to retake a photo.  I’ve been failing my diner reviews lately.

Seven Star Diner Food: A

The menu at the Seven Star Diner is huge. The Seven Star Diner had everything from seafood to steak to pancakes…everything.  If a diner doesn’t have everything, then it’s not a true New Jersey diner. The Seven Star diner also had a lot of different specials, which is always a plus since not everything was pretty cheap.  The Seven Star diner had more specials than any other diner I’ve been too so far.

I ordered the large house Greek salad with salmon and pita bread.  Together it was probably the most expensive combination I could make ($19), but it was a huge salad and worth it.  I could have ordered a normal salad which was roughly 10-13 dollars…but these are my favorite.  It was worth the price.

Seven Star Salad

Seven Star Diner Dessert: A

Since I haven’t been working out, I haven’t been as hungry.  While I saw a sign that said the desserts were made from Mastori’s bakery (my favorite dessert diner), I wasn’t hungry for one at all.  Somehow my second stomach made room for red velvet cake and Erin, and I split one.  I often think I should limit my diner reviews to diner cake and coffee reviews.

Seven Star Red Velvet Cake

The red velvet cake did not disappoint at all.  I’m pretty sure our waitress gave us about ¼ of the entire cake.  I won’t complain, though.   Certainly, one of the top 5 pieces of cake I have ever had.  It was so dense, and the cream cheese frosting made it perfect.  Mastroris cake has never let me down.

Seven Star Red Velvet Cake 1

Seven Star Diner Cost: $$

For two people it cost 44 dollars.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back to Seven Star Diner (Sewell)?

I plan to come back.  The Seven Star Diner has become one of my top five favorite diners.  It’s got an entire open bar and an extensive menu of more items that I cannot wait to try. Since writing the orginal review, I’ve been about five more times, and the Seven Star Diner has never disappointed. It’s one of the best in South Jersey.

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Question for you: What is the most expensive meal you have ever gotten?


  1. you should create an app called Diners in NJ and use your rating system.

    most expensive meal was at a wine bar. I had many, many flights of wine and some expensive salmon dish. upwards of $200. was it worth it? Totally…it was one of the best meals of my life and I totally enjoyed the experience.

  2. Most expensive meal? Well… I didn’t pay :). Clay and I went out to a fancier Italian restaurant here once and it was rather pricey. Like, I think close to $100 after tax and tip. But we usually eat places like diners and pretty cheap.

    This diner food looks delicious and I can tell you really liked it. That cake looks great and the salad looks high quality but also big. I do find that salmon on salads fills me up big time too but I would make room for that cake :). Glad they had whipped cream for the coffee as well!

  3. Ironically the most expensive meals have been the WORST.

    Now that cake looks ridiculous and ice cream to wash it down may have given me diabetes.

    PS we should have a diner date in Toronto or LA come November! 😉

  4. Ok I know you’re going to think I’m making this up but the last time I went to a diner I got a Greek salad and added salmon lol. My parents thought I was crazy and they weren’t too happy footing the bill for an almost $20 lunch either haha

  5. Yay! My friend’s family owns that diner – glad you liked it. 🙂

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