Mastoris Diner Bordentown

Mastoris Diner Bordentown, NJ 

I’ve wanted to try to Mastoris Diner (Bordentown) for a couple of months now, but it hasn’t worked out.  Mastoris Diner is recommended by several people and is thought of as one of the top five diners in New Jersey.  I had to know if it would live up to the title.  When I drove home from VA Beach last month, we decided to try it.

Mastoris Diner Atmosphere: C

When you walk into Mastoris diner, you walk into a large bakery.  If that doesn’t make you hungry, I don’t know what else does.  While waiting for my husband to arrive, I was completely ignored in the restaurant.  I was the only one in the lobby, and multiple waiters and servers walked by.

It turned me off a bit from the restaurant.  Several waiters and waitresses went by that just ignored me.  The second time I went, our waiter ignored our table a few times as well.  I’ve since been to Mastoris Diner since and it always feels like the servers have something better to do.

Mastoris Diner Coffee: A

The coffee at Mastoris Diner is good.  They brought me unlimited refills when I wanted them.  Not only that but they left me a nice container of homemade whip cream too.  Any restaurant that has homemade whipped cream and leaves it with me gets an A for their coffee rating.  That being said, their coffee was brewed very well too.

home made whip cream in the coffee.
Homemade whipped cream in the coffee

Mastoris Diner Food: A

The portions at Mastoris Diner are huge and probably the biggest of any diner I’ve been too.  Not only is the food at Mastoris Diner filling, but it is also high-quality food.  Mastoris Diner is known for their generous portions including prime rib.

First, Mastoris Diner provides you with a pastry basket before the meal.  Instead of your normal bread, it’s cheese bread and cinnamon bread.  Apparently, you are either team cheese bread or cinnamon bread. (I am Mastoris team Cheesey bread).

They were already starting me off on the right foot.  I don’t usually eat a lot of the breadbaskets because I want to save room for dessert, but we finished it off quickly.


I got their Mastoris Diner special house salad called the Palm of Springs. It had eggplant, artichoke, chicken, all over a bed of mixed greens.  I enjoyed the Palm of Springs Salad and have ordered it several times now.


The duck is also incredible.  Instead of giving you a small portion of duck, they give you an entire duck.  For 15 dollars, you get a whole duck.  I like duck a lot, and this did not disappoint.  (It is topped with a blueberry sauce.).


Both were good, and with such a diverse menu, there are a ton of things I want to try.

Mastoris Diner Dessert:  A

The red velvet cake at Mastoris Diner is the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had.  The best.  I can’t add too much else because it’s that good.  The second time, I tried the carrot cake, which was also excellent.  (Red Velvet is still my favorite).


Mastoris Diner Cost: $$

This diner is not costly for the quality of food and the amount of food.  For two people we paid 55.  This included two meals, two beverages and two desserts (since we got ice cream and red velvet cake).  As far as upscale restaurants (in New Jersey they are upscale diners) this is a pretty good deal.  Not only that, but we left filled to the brim.  I might have waddled out it was so good though.

Mastoris Diner Overall impression:

Would I go back to Mastoris Diner (Bordentown)?  Yes and I’ll probably go back a lot.  (When it works out). My issue is waiting around to be seated. I would prefer not to be ignored at a restaurant I’m paying to go too.

Questions for you:

What is a staple meal you get?

What is your favorite type of cake?

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  1. I’m so excited to go to a diner with you this summer! I’ll need to start doing sine research on ones that have GF options!

  2. Oh, and my favorite cake is German chocolate. And then my apple-cinnamon raisin cake with coffee frosting!

  3. I would for sure go for pancakes. I really want to try all diner pancakes around my area. One reason I wish I lived in NJ lol!

  4. Salads and red velvet cake sounds like the best way to go. Salads are often better in restaurants and maybe that’s just because I am terrible at making food…

  5. You comparing the red velvet cakes kinda reminds me of that show, Kitchen Nightmares, where chef Gordon Ramsey almost always orders crab cakes. I guess it’s like your go-to. I don’t blame you, I love salads and I love red velvet cake (but my husband loves it more).

    This seems like a great diner and a great deal! I mean that much for the duck, that’s a great price. Maybe you just had bad luck with the waitstaff…

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