Richie's Real American Diner (Temecula)
Richie’s Real American Diner (Temecula)

According to their website, Richie’s Real American Diner has an extensive menu featuring classic American fare in a retro-inspired, family-friendly setting. I was driving back to the desert and wanted to stop along the way. A real American diner sounded like my type of place.

Spoiler: Richie’s Real American Diner is about as “real of a diner” as you can get.

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Crepes & Burgers (Folsom) menu
Crepes & Burgers (Folsom)

Recently I went to Crepes & Burgers in Folsom, California. I’ve driven through the greater Folsom area several times now, and I always seem to gravitate here.

Now I’m not sure if you can classify it as a diner, but it’s close enough. There are now 3 locations in Citrus Heights, Fair Oaks, and their newest location in Folsom. It’s quickly become one of my more favorite Northern California dining spots. It’s an easy take-out spot, and food can be ready in 15 minutes. Since it’s roughly 90 minutes from my house, it’s a great spot if I don’t want to wait to eat back in Napa.

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