When it Rains, It Pours

I imagine myself walking down a road. My car has some sort of mechanical failure and I’m somehow left stranded without a cell phone. I’m not in NJ where gas stations are plentiful but back in Texas where gas stations are miles apart.  So I walk to the nearest gas station which happens to be 8 miles away.

this stinks 1

Around 4 miles I imagine myself shouting: HOW COULD THIS GET ANY WORSE?

And out of nowhere it begins pouring rain and wild turkeys appear out of nowhere. So I run the last four miles in the pouring monsooning rain (while being chased by turkeys.)this stinks 2

Thanks for that one life.

Last Wednesday I sat in my house pretty upset. I had just returned after an exciting weekend with my family and now I was back at an empty and lonely house.  I asked myself…how could this get any worse?

My answer came two days later when I woke up with a possible stress fracture. After getting a small arch injury, I ran a few weeks completely pain free…only to wake up with a stress fracture in my other foot.   I have no leads, no idea or anything about how I could have gotten this fracture.

When it rains…it pours…I guess. 

Eventually that rain must stop though. My entire life won’t be filled with rain clouds.

I went to the doctor earlier in the week and had an X-ray.  Not surprisingly the x-ray showed nothing.  Normally x-rays don’t show stress fractures for a week or two (until they are  healing).  The doctor wanted to do more tests since he was confident I do have a stress fracture. We are currently in the process of waiting to schedule an MRI or ultrasound test.  Honestly, I’m not going to run at all for a while so it makes no difference to me.  I’m going to rest either way.  It’s the matter of “officially” diagnosing it but official or unofficial rest is only going to help.

A lot of people have asked how I’ve stayed so positive right now and honestly I haven’t.  I’m in a pretty low time in my life.  I’m not going to whine all over the internet but the fact is: this stinks.  The only thing I can do right now is continue to stay busy and truck through this situation.  I am pretty mobile (IE: I don’t lay on my couch all day eating Doritos and crying).  I have used this time to engage in other interests, hang out with more friends and do other things.  My life does not revolve around running (and never will) so I find and have other things to do.   Do I wish I could run and that my finance was home?  Of course, but it’s getting through these tougher times that makes the better ones…better.

Eventually the rain will clear, my umbrella will dry and I’ll be back to where I was.  Being negative is not going to help the situation.  I must look toward the positive and look towards the future.  I have always said “your life is a collection of events and stories, not an individual chapter.”  I am still sticking to that motto and come November or December, I will be ready again to conquer the world.

Or at least dry out my umbrella.

Questions for you:

Do you find it pours rain occasionally in your life?

How do you stay positive in tough situations?