Hillsborough Star Diner

Last month, I was able to go the Hillsborough Star Diner with the famous Jon L and Jenna.  Unfortunately they came into town the day after I found out I had both a fractured foot and food poisoning.  Since they were only in town for a couple of days, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to […]

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Millstone Diner

A few weeks ago, the famous owner of New Jersey Isn’t Boring, and I decided to meet at another diner.  We’ve reviewed several diners together, and she is the only one who likes NJ diners as much as I do.  Although she reviews everything related to New Jersey from diners to food trucks and ice […]

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Meal Favorites

When I wrote my last post about food, I had no idea how the post would be perceived.  Since I no longer write much about food, you never know how readers might respond.  Everyone needs to eat, and food and nutrition are an important part of running and working out. I thought it would be […]

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Menlo Park Diner

Last month, Danielle, Amelia and I met at the Menlo Park Diner. I had only expecting Danielle, but I was super jazzed to find out Amelia was coming as well.

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WhiteHall Diner

The Whitehall Diner (Whitehall, Pa)  Almost two months ago now, I was lucky to have dinner with Allison.  I’ve been reading Allisons blog for a while and she is an incredible runner.  In October, when I raced the Runners World 5k and half marathon in her area we decided to meet up for dinner.  She recommended […]

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