City Diner (Jersey City) salmon burger

City Diner (Jersey City)

City Diner (Jersey City)

A few weeks ago, I found myself at the City Diner with Amelia and Danielle. The City Diner is located in Jersey City and overlooks Manhatten. If the word “diner” wasn’t in the name, you wouldn’t guess that it’s a diner at all.  Jersey City is located just over the water facing Manhatten. Most of Jersey City is a beautiful view of the Hudson River as well as Manhatten.  There are a few “City Diners” between New York City and New Jersey.City Diner (Jersey City)

City Diner (Jersey City) Atmosphere: A
The exterior of the City Diner is clean and modern. It’s located on the corner. The inside of the City Diner reminds me more of a bar with several booths, as well as one row of tables, and a full-length bar.

City Diner (Jersey City)


It’s dimly lit. If I were sitting in the City Diner and didn’t know better, I would think it’s a diner.  When we arrived there were several people having happy hour after work.

City Diner (Jersey City) Coffee: A
The coffee at the City Diner was brewed hot and fresh. The waiter refilled the coffee multiple times with whipped cream. I have no complaints.

City Diner (Jersey City) coffee

City Diner (Jersey City) Food: A
The City Diner menu is more of an upscale restaurant than a diner. They don’t have all of the greasy spoon regular options. I was craving a wrap and there were only a few but nothing that spoke to me.

City Diner (Jersey City) salmon burger

The City Diner menu does have unique options like salmon burgers, huevos rancheros, chicken & waffles, jersey benedict, sandwiches on garlic bread, and salmon and scallop entrees. After taking a while, I went with the lemony salmon burger. The lemony salmon burger came topped with a lemony sauce and arugula. I also upgraded my fries to a greek salad.

City Diner (Jersey City) salmon burger

The meal itself was fresh and I was happy with my choice. The homemade bun was a perfect extra touch.

City Diner (Jersey City) Service: B
At first, the waiter at the City Diner was awkward but friendly. The food came out fast. Our food came out quickly and I have no complaints.

City Diner Cost: $$$
Everything at the City Diner is expensive. You won’t leave the restaurant paying less than $20. For my burger, side salad, and coffee, it was $24. The quality of the food was excellent and I have no complaints.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the City Diner?
I liked the City Diner and I’ll be back. The food is fresh and there are many unique options. I do struggle with calling it a “diner” because, besides the name, it reminds me more of a bar.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: B
Cost: $20-30

Overall: A

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Questions for you:

Have you been to Jersey City?

What is your favorite kind of burger? 


Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

Lakehurst Diner

Lakehurst Diner (Lakehurst, NJ)

Last week I met my friend Lauren at the Lakehurst Diner in Lakehurst, NJ. I’ve driven by the Lakehurst Diner many times on my way to the Lakehurst Base.  For whatever reason, I haven’t stopped.

Lakehurst Diner Atmosphere: B
The outside of the Lakehurst Diner is a medium-sized building with plenty of windows.  When we arrived, it was relatively empty for dinner time.  There were plenty of booths and tables available.  We sat towards the back, which was nice.

Lakehurst Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Lakehurst Diner was the best part of the diner. It was brewed hot and fresh and refilled often. I thought it was great.  In fact, the coffee was the best part of the meal experience.

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

Lakehurst Diner Food: D
The Lakehurst Diner menu has everything a typical diner usually has.  There is nothing fancy or unique.

There are plenty of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options.  There was an entire menu of specials. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, so I ordered the Broiled salmon special which came with a salad, vegetable, potato, and salmon.

It was exactly what you pictured. There was absolutely nothing extra, and it felt as though there was no effort.  The ordered a greek salad which was $2 extra.  It was the best part of the meal.

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

The food all tasted as if it had been frozen and reheated. I joked that because it was near a Navy base, it felt as though the food came from a deployed ship.  Many of my Navy friends found it funny but sadly true.

Lakehurst Diner lakehurst nj

The food was edible, but would I order it again? No.

Lakehurst Diner Service: B
The waiter at the Lakehurst Diner was friendly, and our food came out relatively fast. One thing I found interesting was that Lauren’s food came out about 10 minutes before mine. It’s always strange to me when meals don’t all just come out at once.

Lakehurst Diner Price: $
For my special and coffee, it was $15.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back to the Lakehurst Diner?
It wasn’t my favorite diner and in the bottom as far as diners go. I probably won’t be back to the Lakehurst Diner. If I do come back, I’m choosing something else. I had a great time with Lauren, and that is all that matters.

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Questions for you:
Those in the Food Industry: Is it normal for meals to come out at once, or at separate times?
What is one of the blandest meals you’ve had?


OB Diner (Point Pleasant)

OB Diner (Point Plesant, NJ)

Recently, I met Cyd of New Jersey Isn’t Boring in Point Pleasant. Initially, we were going to go to a different diner, but neither of us could find the other one.  After a quick decision, we decided upon the OB Diner near Point Pleasant Beach.

OB Diner Atmosphere: A
The OB Diner is everything you expect in a diner.  There is a big metallic sign outdoors.  It’s located on the corner and easy to find with plenty of parking.  What does OB Stand for?  Ocean Bay Diner!  I had no idea until I saw the mini sign too.

The inside of the OB Diner is beachy, with a cool centerpiece made of driftwood.  There are plenty of booths, tables, and a full-length bar.

OB Diner Point Pleasant NJ

OB Diner Coffee: C
The coffee at the OB Diner was okay.  It wasn’t good or bad, but I could have used plenty more refills.  There were a few grounds at the bottom, but at least it was hot.  Yes, even in the summertime I drink hot coffee.

OB Diner Point Pleasant NJ

OB Diner Food: A
The OB Diner menu has all of the standard diner fare. I had no idea what I wanted to order.   I wasn’t starving and the hot weather (I think it was 95 that day) had me craving something cold.  There are plenty of options but was disappointed because the lunch specials seemed very targeted to open faced sandwiches or pasta options.  If you didn’t want a heavy lunch, there weren’t smaller options.

OB Diner Point Pleasant NJ

I decided to order the first thing on the menu: “the Albuquerque Salad.”  It came with salmon on top of arugula, cucumbers, and sundried tomatoes.  The salad was huge!  I was shocked at the size of the salad.  It was one of the biggest diner or even restaurant salads I’ve had.  The quality was excellent, and I have no complaints.

OB Diner Service:  C
The waitress at the OB Diner was nice. However, the food took a long time to come out.  It wasn’t crowded, and there were no more than five other parties in the restaurant. However, it took nearly 40 minutes for the food.

OB Diner Price: $$
My salad and coffee were $22.  While yes, it was a big salad. I don’t think it was a $20 salad.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the OB Diner:

I liked the OB Diner and would go back.  The food and quality were good.  I would be hesitant during a peak time, but other than that it was a good diner.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: C
Food: A
Service: C
Cost: $12-20
OB Diner Overall: B

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Questions for you:
Where have you gotten the biggest portion sizes before?
Do you go to the beach during the summer?


J&G Diner (South Bound Brook)

J&G Diner (South Bound Brook)

Recently I went to the J&G Diner in South Bound Brook.  To be honest, I’ve had to remember the exact letter combination every time I go to type out a post.  Anyway, when I arrived at the J&G Diner for lunch, I was the only person in the J&G Diner.  I met the owner of the website, NJ Isn’t Boring, and while we were dining more customers came in.  Cyd and I have reviewed close to 20 diners if not more.  I believe she is coming close to going to 200 diners!

Neither of us had been to the J&G diner, so it was the perfect stop.

J&G Diner Atmosphere: B
The diner is located on the corner.  It’s not a big metallic building but a regular building attached to several other restaurants.  Inside, it’s clear the diner used to be an old Mexican or Spanish restaurant.  The atmosphere of the J&G Diner had hand-painted murals are a giveaway.  Plus J&G Diner has several specials such as a burrito or flan.

J&G Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the J&G Diner was decent and warm.  There wasn’t anything exciting or unique about it, and I could have used more refills.

J&G Diner Food: C
The J&G Diner menu has all sorts of options from breakfast to lunch and dinner.  Unique to the J&G Diner menu is a lot of different Mexican and Spanish options.  As most people know at this point, I’ve been suffering from food poisoning.

If I wasn’t suffering from that, I probably would have ordered something new or unique.  I decided to order their Mediterranian salad with salmon.   When my food came out, I regretted the situation.  The salad was boring, and the salmon tasted as if it was reheated.  I had to request to extra dressings because there was barely any on there.  The food wasn’t bad but probably not something I would order again.

J&G Diner Service: B
The waitress was friendly, and the food came out quickly.  I could have used more drink refills, but other than that, I have no complaints.

Dessert: A
Cyd wanted to order dessert.  I probably wouldn’t have, but when she ordered dessert, it sounded like a good idea.  I decided to go with the bread pudding, which came with ice cream.

I like bread pudding; however, after food poisoning, it’s something I need to be more mindful of especially with ice cream.  The dessert was tasty, and it saved my overall opinion of the J&G diner.  I appreciated how many raisins (yes I like them) were in the bread pudding.  However, afterward, my stomach was not all that thrilled with me.  Oh well, live and learn.

The J&G diner charges for everything including whipped cream in the coffee as well as extra dressings.  While I do understand they are extra items, it seemed a bit ridiculous when the salad was very dry, to begin with. For the coffee, salad, dessert, and extras the cost was $22.

Overall Thoughts/Summary of the J&G Diner (South Bound Brook):
I liked the J&G Diner, and I would go back.  The bread pudding was delicious, and I would like to try some of their more unique items when I feel better.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: C
Service: B
Dessert: A
Cost: $8-18
Overall: B

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Questions for you:
What is your favorite Mexican dish?
What is your favorite salad dressing?

Galloway Diner and Cafe

Galloway Diner (Absecon)

Galloway Diner (Absecon, NJ)

On August 21st, Cyd of New Jersey Isn’t Boring, and myself went to the Galloway Diner.  How do I know that precise date?  We also went and watched the Eclipse.  I took a photo that I’m proud of, which you can see here.  Around lunchtime at the Galloway Diner, it wasn’t crowded at all.  Out of all of the diners I’ve been too, this is one of the biggest.

Galloway Diner Atmosphere: A
The Galloway Diner is a stereotypical NJ diner.  The outside of the Galloway Diner is chrome, and the inside has multiple booths, tables, and a full-sized bar.  It’s beautiful and open, so you don’t feel like you’re sitting on top of anyone. As I mentioned, it’s one of the biggest diners I’ve ever been too or even seen!

Galloway Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Galloway Diner was hot and brewed fresh.  The waitress also refilled our beverages often.  It came from my favorite coffee roaster: Lacas.  I have no complaints.

Galloway Diner and Cafe

Galloway Diner Service: B
It was the hosts first day, and she did a great job.  She was friendly, and I would never have guessed it was her first day on the job.  The waitress at the Galloway Diner was friendly and gave us several recommendations.  However, the food was much slower to come out than anticipated.

Galloway Diner Food: A
The Galloway diner menu has several pages including a specials page.  I had eaten a few hours earlier and wasn’t running much at the time, so I opted for something lighter. I decided to order the Greek salad with salmon, which was a great size, and the presentation was excellent.  I will say it’s one of the largest pieces of salad salmon I’ve received.  Definitely one of the better diner salads I’ve had.  It had everything I liked and nothing I didn’t.  The waitress even asked if I wanted anchovies which rarely happens.

I will say it’s one of the largest pieces of salad salmon I’ve received.  Definitely one of the better diner salads I’ve had.  It had everything I liked and nothing I didn’t.  The waitress even asked if I wanted anchovies which rarely happens. I’m a huge anchovy fan!

Marvis Diner Wildwoods

Galloway Diner Dessert: A
At the Galloway Diner, I decided to take a black and white cookie to go, and it was great.  The cookie was soft with plenty of frosting.  It was one of the best cookies I’ve had!  Of course, I forgot to take a photo of the actual cookie.
Galloway Diner and Cafe

Cost: $$
For my coffee, salad with salmon and cookie, the cost was $22.  It was a bit more pricey than I anticipated, but it wasn’t bad.

Overall Summary/Would I Come Back to the Galloway Diner (Absecon)?
I enjoyed the Galloway Diner, and I would go back.  The waitress was friendly, and there was plenty of space.  While it’s a bit more pricey for a diner, I don’t have any complaints about the Galloway Diner (Absecon).

Atmosphere: A
Service: B
Coffee: A
Food: A
Service: B
Food: A
Cost: $10-20
Overall: B

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Do you like anchovies?