WG Week 1: Summary: 76 Miles & Hot

We went from arctic tundra winter to hot and humid heat box in the matter of one day.  Here in New Jersey we have had rain all week.  I don’t mind rain but it means flooding as well as the humidity levels being high.  It’s taken some serious adjusting too.

Monday: 11 untimed
Tuesday: 12.5 untimed
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: 12.5 untimed
Friday: 12.5 untimed
Saturday: 12.5 untimed
Sunday: 5k Total miles: 15
Total: 76



Monday I ran completely in the state forest.  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday were the exact same route all untimed.  I didn’t get bored as each run presented difficult challenges.  Some days it was pouring rain, some days I was running late and realized I was dumb to run that direction, one I listened to the song fancy on repeat the entire run and Saturday it was sunny.  I don’t get bored running the same route though and could do that for a while.  That being said I’m going to map out some new routes next week and explore new places.

This week was spent acclimating to the heat.  I know my paces will slow down for a while and I’m fine with that.  First I’m adding an extra day of running in. (Last month I was running 5 days a week, not 6).  Adding that day back is going to take some getting used too.  I often think about the (stupid) runner I was that ran 7 days a week, every week.  For me that resulted in injury (as it probably would now).  So I’ll probably stay to 6 days a week (maybe a few 7 day run weeks but not for a while).

My goal for the 5k today is to get some speed work in and go from there.  I don’t know what speed I’m currently at.  My last 5k was 19:04 so I would like to be around that if possible.  I saw a $20 5k and signed up on a whim.

Other thoughts:

The heat is terrible.  It takes time to get adjusted too.  Between the heat, humidty and adding an extra day of running I chose not to time my runs.  (Which is good because I kept forgetting to charge my watch).  I actually am debating adding in some cross training (when my schedule allows).

Next week:

I hope to do roughly the same thing.  These next few weeks I’m going to get comfortable with running 6 days a week in the heat.  I’m also going to get comfortable with 15 milers.  Although I’m running 10-13 miles daily, the extra 2 miles feels a world of a difference right now.

I hope to do a 5k next weekend (I know there are some…I just have to pick one out).

Questions for you:

What is your best “acclimating to the heat” advice?

What was your favorite workout of the week?


  1. The same shift in weather seems to have occurred over here. I don’t know what it is in fahrenheit, but it was 25 C here today and that’s a 10 degree jump in under a week. The past few days have all been in the 20s and even the early mornings are pretty damn hot for me. I just try to stick to the shade as much as possible and loop back round past my house so I can grab a drink if need be (I leave one out on the porch and no-one has stolen it yet :P). It’s really hard to adjust though, as you say.

    Hope the 5K went well!


  2. Acclimating to heat advice: whining and the treadmill? Um, kidding (no I’m not) but it really does make a difference when I hydrate like crazy and just.. expect I’m going to be slower than normal.

    Favorite workout was my only run of the week, with my friend early on Saturday morning. Best way to start the weekend

  3. I just have to make myself run the Atlanta heat. It’s the worst, but nothing better than exhaustion from a decent hot run. You feel like a superwoman! You are an inspiration to me, someday I’ll hopefully be within a minute or two as speedy as you are, you are amazing! Your blog gives me ironman training inspiration daily!

    My favorite workout of the week are my speed work runs and crossfit. Lifting heavy is such a rush.

  4. For the heat— hydrate more than you think you should! I always underestimate how much I need and then find myself in trouble! This week I’ve hit some of my longest workouts since coming back from injury so that makes me 🙂

  5. acclimating to the heat… i just try to get out as early as in the morning as possible in the summer!

    my favorite workout this week was rest. haha jk…probably my tempo run i did down the shore yesterday

  6. It really did seem to go from freezing to hot in like a week! I have noticed that its felt much harder running in the heat and humidity. It actually cooled down here this weekend and running felt ALOT better!

  7. Man oh mannn, it has been humid here too. I’ve started sweating simply walking to the gym. I’m not great in the heat, but I do make an effort to drink even more water.

  8. I’ve started running with a hand held water bottle. I’ve never done marathon training in the summer, so I’m trying to adjust to it. PA weather is just like Jersey, I feel your pain!

  9. Ummm my best acclimating to heat advice … it’s called fall yeah that’s it haha lol!!! 🙂 Spoken like a true Florida runner. Yeah I have no answers for that one Hollie sorry. My pacing actually slows waaay down in the summer but I gain time come fall. So I guess acclamiting is just a matter of being out there

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