St Paul’s 5k (19:52)

I signed up for this race the night before (who can resist a 20 dollar 5k?).

I packed everything for this race the night before.

 I had to work afterwards so I packed everything.  I packed my racing flats, my trainers, my outfit for work, shower stuff and food.  Yet I found myself at the race getting ready to warm up and realizing…I didn’t have my trainers or my racing flats.  The only pairs of shoes I had in my car were a pair of Nike Frees and a Brook’s Glycerins.  The Frees being were the ligher and stupider option (closer to a racing flat).  The Glycerins were the heavier, smarter, more frustrating and smarter option.

So after swallowing my pride and knowing I might not break 20 minutes when I should be around 19, I laced up the Glycerins and warmed up. I have not done a 5k without a light weight racing shoe since my first road race.  I barely do tempo work in heavier shoes.  My Glyercins are a dedicated heavy weight, supportive shoe.  They get me through the bulk of my training.  To put these shoes into perspective, I’ve never been able to run under an 8 minute mile in them.

That’s a little dramatic but I was pretty bummed when it was time to start.  I felt decent and I knew the course was pretty fast.  Of course one race doesn’t make or break you but I was still bummed.  I nearly didn’t start the race but quickly decided that was stupid and the only reason I didn’t want to start was I knew it would be slower then what I should be doing.

The race itself:

The race started at 9am.  It wasn’t a chip time race and we were off.  I noticed immediately two young males took the lead and never looked back.   I settled with a couple of females but around half a mile found myself completely alone (Where I stayed) (6:09).

We were told to stay on the sidewalks during the second mile.  We were entering a main road.  The sidewalks went right through a sprinkler.  I didn’t stay on the sidewalk and ran in the shoulder so I didn’t get soaken wet.  It was a little bit too cold for me to want all of that.  We turned around (out and back 5k).  (6:31)

The last mile I was just holding on for dear life.  I didn’t feel bad at all and honestly I was surprised to see my time as high as it was.  I truly felt like I was running a low 6 min miles.  The fact is I wasn’t.  (6:39)

I finished in 19:52. 

I cannot say I’m pleased at all and it felt like a big mental punch in my stomach.  I am questioning whether it was the shoes or just not my day.  I’ve always strived to be honest with readers and people in general and this was a hard mental pill to swallow.  If I had felt bad, if the course was difficult or weather was a factor I wouldn’t be as upset.

That being said I’m not looking for any words of wisdom or any “I feel so bad”.  We all have bad races that don’t really know where they came from and this happens to be one for me.  Do I think it was the shoes?  Maybe but can shoes make a minute difference? Who knows…Upward and onward from here.

Sadly (not really) no frills and inexpensive 5ks don’t have race photos so you had to deal with 600 words of whining.

Long story short: We all have humbling races. This was mine and I would like to not have a repeat in my next 5k.

Questions for you:

Do you train and race in different shoes?

What was your last humbling experience?