1 Week to Go (NYCM) 54 miles

This week in workouts was a combination of taper and I’m so busy I don’t have time or energy to workout.  There I said it.  It’s been fairly good that my week of taper has coincided with moving, looking at houses, traveling, being at home, being ultra busy and every other excuse I can think of.  As I said before I have absolutely no idea what a good running taper is.  I’ve researched and looked at various articles but it’s my first taper for a running race. (swimming I just followed a coaches plan). If this plan doesn’t work, it doesn’t and I know next time I run a marathon not to do this.  I know a lot of things not to do next time training for a marathon but that is a post all to itself.

Monday: 12.23 miles Charlotte, NC. 
Tuesday: Cross train (elliptical)
Wednesday: 11.12 miles home, fast finish (8:25 overall pace)
Thursday: Off
Friday: 7.22 progressive run
Saturday Wicked 10k (39:28) (total 11 miles)
Sunday 12.75 miles
Total: 54 miles


As most articles suggested, the second week out is the time to reduce mileage by around 20-25%.  I’ve gone 102 miles-80 miles-54 miles.  So that is falling about into that. (a little more actually). My legs honestly did not feel as good as I was hoping with the cut of mileage.  Hopefully they will continue to feel better.

The Wicked 10k on Saturday went extremely well.  I’ll have a recap tomorrow but the weather and course made it for a fast race.  I was only 8 seconds from my PR and with no speed work I should be happy.  Am I happy?  I’m pretty happy but alas a 10k PR would have been nice too, especially since I have reduced my mileage.

My last high effort run yesterday went according to the plan.  The goal was to start off easier (8:30 pace) progress and hold for a few miles at goal marathon pace (7:15) then push the envelope a little more and drop down to 7:00 minute pace. Even with not wearing racing flats, I was able to do this so it was certainly motivating.

When I had bad tapers with swimming, I never felt good and found myself feeling sluggish at the start of the race.  (I swam the 1000m and mile in college).  As much as I tried to swim fast, I just felt like I had no turnover or speed.  Hopefully that isn’t the case here.

Next week I’m cutting my miles again with a few miles spread out at marathon pace.  Nothing left to do but continue to rest and mentally prepare for the race.  As I’ve said throughout this training cycle my primary goal for this marathon is to finish.  Would I love to run a 3:10?  Yes, of course, however with waiting around a cold start for 3 hours as well as running a very overcrowded race it’s very tough to say what will happen.  I know if I cross the finish line as happy as when I start, I will be happy.

Questions for you:

What was your first marathon goal?

What is your most confidence boosting workout? 


  1. I definitely think you are on the right track – cutting mileage but keeping intensity – YOU GOT THIS <3

  2. To prep for your first marathon you ran 102 miles in a week? That is impressive.
    The goal for my first marathon was to finish. I trained fr a few months and never ran more than 30 miles a week, my long run was 7.5 miles. I would not advise anyone to follow that plan.
    This year when I PR’d at a Half Marathon in late summer I knew I would PR in my Fall marathon, and I did by 13 minutes.
    A 102 mile week should be a huge confidence booster for you. You are in the “don’t do anything stupid” phase of your training. Be safe.

  3. That’s an impressive time for a 10k after doing a progressive run! When you head this way to Jersey, you’ll have to come to some of our group runs! They’re a ton of fun and lots of fast women!

  4. Things not to do while training for a marathon: Move across the country… Twice. LOL I can’t waittttt to see what you can do at this marathon!

  5. I would cut way back on the miles next week to maybe 15-20 miles. You’re tired now, so your main focus should be on getting a ton of sleep.

  6. My goal was to finish and beat Oprah’s time and I did :). I also didn’t want to gain weight or lose speed, as I heard those things happened when you ran a marathon. Maybe they are wives tales or maybe that was just that person and those things would have happened to them anyway, but neither of them really happened to me (although my weight and heart rate were VERY crazy for a week after the marathon… I dunno, my body just went berserk for a few days!).

    I think you are doing the right thing with tapering. It’s not like you’re cutting way way back, I guess when you run a 100 mile week it’s a lot easier to cut back than to add to that… but your runs are still good and you’re moving around and cross training. I can’t wait to hear how you do at NYC.

  7. My first marathon goal was just to finish, and I barely made it! Despite doijng all of my training on roads, at the last minute I decided to do a trail marathon. Not my brightest idea. I finished, though!

    My most confidence-boosting workout is either a nice progression run or a really good solid endurance set in the pool. Those can put me in the right headspace.

  8. I may have mentioned this before but… I’m really looking forward to seeing how well you do in the marathon — and I’m -sure- that you’ll finish. I wish I could offer you some great tips but.. yeah 😉 I’ll be rootin’ for ya though!

  9. FWIW, in my experience, the first week of taper my legs have never felt very rested. It’s always the second week where I’ve started feeling fresh. I think all the miles you’ve logged is going to pay off big time – I know the 10k wasn’t a PR, but it was damn close, and that was with no real targeted speed work. I absolutely cannot wait to see you and cheer like a crazy person for you!

  10. Any taper I’ve done, I felt a little slow at the start and then gradually got into it. Feeling slow didn’t mean I was running slow though! I think when you cut back this week, your legs will start to feel really fresh and antsy to get out and run. If worse comes to worst and you wake up feeling sluggish… Well ya got 26.2 miles to eggy warned up and into it 😉 I can’t wait to hear about the race!!!!

  11. Race week, race week, RACE WEEK! Friend, you are ready to kick butt and take names! I’ll be hanging out around mile 17.5, and there will be a ton of yellow balloons and a guy in a bunny suit, so you won’t miss us! 😉

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