Seattle Bound.

What a busy last two weeks.  My life has literally gone from 0 to 1000 in the last month.  A month ago (I guess right before the Shamrock half marathon) I did not have much to do.  I was beginning a job but not working every day.  I was relaxing, making sure things were clean […]

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Because I am a Material Girl

I wish I could tell you I had an exciting week but I actually spent it cleaning and organizing.  Though we moved over a month ago (Have I really been a Jersey girl for 2 months now?), we are still finding things that need to be organized.  We are also trying to downsize since somehow […]

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Random Life

I haven’t posted a lot in my day to day life because I haven’t done a lot.  Look at me being exciting!  But it’s Friday and the weekend is almost finally here.  It could be the fact someone has had rooster hours and working at 6 am but I’ve been up earlier and this week […]

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Dear Santa…

I have seen a lot of gift giving guide posts and it makes me think…what should I ask Santa Clause for Christmas?  I am pretty sure my parents made me write Santa letters until I was about 14 or 15.  If you did not write a letter to Santa then he was not stopping by. […]

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Real Life

Over the last week I’ve had the pleasure to run and hang out with a lot of different people.  I finally feel like I’m assimilating into New Jersey.  I’m enjoying myself, though I would enjoy myself more if I had a job.  That being said I am really happy right now and not stressing myself […]

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