Final Arm Updates

After weaseling my way into an appointment with an “elbow specialist” orthopedist I have some exciting news.  Although the ER told me that I was able to run with a fractured elbow I wanted to get a specialist to look at it if I could get an appointment.  If you look dead center in my arm you can see a bruise and cut…that’s all I got.  So much pain for no showing.


I did not claim to have the most serious fracture injury but I have always claimed that I am a bumbling bafoon and an already injury prone runner. I need no help from others to injure myself.

That being said today at the orthopedist I have been cleared to fully return to running and he removed my soft cast. I will be able to run the Rock and Roll half marathon this weekend. That being said I’m not going to race like there is no tomorrow.  I’m going to run and see where it takes me.  Maybe a 1:30 race (that would be amazing) or maybe a 2:00 hour race.  I have absolutely no idea where the race will go. Either way I plan to finish the race at the same injury level as started.  I won’t be swinging my elbow and keep it as safe as possible.

The doctor thinks I’ll be fully healed in less than 4 weeks from the initial break last week. I am feeling very blessed for everyone’s well wishes and the fact that it wasn’t more serious. This week has been a while range of emotions and a wakeup call that you can train as carefully as possible but there is always the unexpected.  I have a few exercises I must do daily involving rotating and moving.  The best thing I can do is continue to progress the movements I can do safely.

So the big question is how was I able to get away with a temporary cast for 6 days and now be running again with a fractured radial head?

I have strived since my only stress fracture 2 years ago to get enough calcium and keep my bones strong.  I have consistently gotten enough calcium and I don’t have brittle bones because of it. I honestly drink 2-3 cups of milk daily, enjoy cheese, dairy and yogurt.  That being said after I was struck I fell on my elbow onto the ground.  I did not fall onto something that shattered or displaced my bone (knocked it out of alignment).  I’m extremely lucky that it just created a small crack which creates pain when I rotate the wrist and fully extend the arm.  It could have been much worse.  

Though I’ll probably mention arm updates occasionally I prefer to put this one in my rear view mirror. I am considering this a minor speed bump in my training and hopefully able to overcome this rather quickly.  This isn’t a stress fracture or leg injury.  Quite honestly it’s a minor broken bone and there is absolutely no reason for me to be worried about my training. 

So here is hoping this is my last injury related post and I’m off to pick up Laura from the airport and Heather tomorrow.


Questions for you:

What are you up to on Labor Day?

Do you get enough calcium? 


  1. I get plenty of calcium from vegan sources (almonds, fortified rice and almond milk, greens, tahini, etc.) but sadly for me my bones are made of tissue paper, mostly due to hormonal issues and hypermobility and neither of which I can do anything about. My vitamin D3 levels were rock bottom when I had my stress fractures though, and apparently because of that I wasn’t absorbing any of the calcium I was taking in – it took me forever to find a vegan vit D3 supplement because it’s not readily available in plant-based foods.

    I’m sure you’ll put in a crazy fast time for the race, even doing your version of taking it easy. I’m really relieved and jazzed to hear the fantastic news. Roll on NYC 🙂

      1. Yes as a med student I can confirm this. Sunlight is also necessary for your body to make vitamin D

        Per wiki, ” The body can also synthesize vitamin D (specifically cholecalciferol) in the skin, from cholesterol, when sun exposure is adequate (hence its nickname, the “sunshine vitamin”).”

        Also per wiki:
        “One of the most important roles of vitamin D is to maintain skeletal calcium balance by promoting calcium absorption in the intestines, promoting bone resorption…, maintaining calcium and phosphate levels for bone formation, and allowing proper functioning of parathyroid hormone to maintain serum calcium levels.”

        Here is the link!

      2. Thanks for this great advice. I had heard that about vitamin D so it’s always nice when medical students/people can verify. Good luck with your program 🙂

  2. YAY! All the well wishes paid off and you’re a calcium queen, evidentally! I’m just happy to hear you can run the race this weekend and have a blast with Laura and heather!

  3. So great to hear you’re cleared to run! Calcium is important. I don’t think I get the amount I should be getting but I’m in a weird vegetarian-to-vegan transition right now which would explain it. I can’t wait to hear about the race!

  4. What great news! I used to drink milk like it was going out of style back in the day, and today, I take a calcium supplement. Yes, it’s chocolate flavored and tastes like candy, but still. 😉 Have a great race this weekend!

  5. I hope you have fun this weekend and you girls really live it up! I am also glad that the best possible news came out of this elbow situation! Live up your last few days in Chesapeake 😀

  6. I’d say you’ve had great luck with the arm, but then again, somebody did run into you with their bike 🙂 But that’s awesome that it’s off and you’ll be able to continue training! I don’t ever drink milk, but we did every night with dinner when I was little and I had chocolate milk every morning for breakfast through high school, and now I eat it in other foods (and I do eat cheese and yogurt). AND I strength train, which also strengthens your bones. Petite white women are at the highest risk for osteoporosis, which maybe you learned in school too, so I try to keep these bones strong.

  7. Ahh thank goodness, so so glad you were cleared to run! Back to my mom for a second, she definitely needed to take it easy for the next two weeks ish… so just make sure you don’t overexert yourself and that arm either! Obviously I know you know this, but just trying to get you better ASAP 😀

  8. Random off topic comment: has anyone ever mentioned that you look like cara delavigne? Facial features AND the strong brows. I have some serious brow envy!!

  9. So glad that you have been cleared to fly like a oiselle (see what I did there?)! And good luck flying through the pack at your race!
    Calcium is so important, but a lot of people don’t know how to take it or iron properly for maximum absorption. For example, calcium and iron shouldn’t be taken together because they block each other!
    But yeah, I am already showing marks of osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis) as a result of steroids/my disease/years of amenorrhea so I gets my calcium.

  10. I’m so happy that your cast is off and that you are cleared to run!! Have fun with the running and just sorta clothesline any bikers that come your way! Keep up the awesome training!

  11. That’s good news!!! And that’s probably the sweetest words any runner can get from a doctor… you’re good to run! 🙂
    My only source of calcium is from coffee (with half& half ofcourse)! OOPS! 🙂

  12. I have to admit I was totally instagram stalking you yesterday trying to see what the status was on your arm! I’m so glad the news is good! I hope it continues to heal quickly 🙂

  13. Thank goodness you’re elbow was not a displaced or comminuted fracture!!! You Are going to rock marathon training and the marathon itself. Me and Alexis were heartbroken when we saw that you broke your arm. We had many well wishes to send to you!!!!

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