Elbow Updates

As you probably know I fractured my elbow.  I know if you follow me on twitter, instagram, blogging, ect. , that I talk about it daily.  First, I can’t thank everyone enough for their well wishes about healing quickly. Believe me I want it to heal as fast as possible too.  It is just a set back in my training because I worked so hard to stay injury free all summer then to be knocked down by a cyclist.  Freak accidents and I go hand in hand.

Incase you wondered I have a nondisplaced fractured radial head.  Essentially this is the most minor of breaks and like a stress fracture didn’t show up on the x ray.  I have another appointment tomorrow and hopefully it shows up on the x-ray then (which means it is healing).

How am I feeling about my elbow?


It hurts but I’m not in immense pain.  It feels like someone is pinching the side of my arm or that I hit my funny bone and that pain is not going away.  From what I have gathered as long as I don’t slip and fall it will heal rather quickly.  If I do fall I could shatter the bone, displace the bone then create all sorts of problems needing surgery.

While the ER doctor last week said I could run if I was careful…I haven’t run anything substantial.  (I ran a mile and my arm felt the same). I also want to see what my orthopedist says tomorrow before running anything too long.   I am happy that I’m able to cross train and keep my elbow in place with absolutely no pain.  If I couldn’t cross train for a month or two, I may go a little nuts but I would rather heal then do something dumb.

To summarize, physically I am not taking any pain medications and my elbow feels like someone is continuously pinching me.


I was already feeling very down with regards to marathon training.  I felt like I was not ready and still had 10 weeks to go.  This weekend was supposed to be a 20 mile long run for me and I knew that would allow me to feel better and more confident.  Since I highly doubt that will be the case, I’m still feeling down on myself.

Do I know if I’ll run the marathon?  No, it’s way too early to tell.  Do I think I will?  Yes.

I’m trying to stay extremely positive because there is nothing that negativity will do.  If I sit here and cry…I’ll still be here crying with a broken arm.  If I try and stay positive and motivated then I’ll be positive and motivated…with a broken arm.

Questions for you:

Have you ever broken a bone?

Have you ever been to a chiropractor? 


  1. This really sucks 🙁 God I’d be so angry with that cyclist. As a runner and yo uget injured through something like over-training or pushing too hard you really only have yourself to blame and learn from it, but a freak accident sucks. Completely out of your control.
    10 weeks is still a really long time. You’ve got such a good base of running and fitness that I wouldn’t worry too much yet.
    Hope the elbow recovers fast!

  2. Ughh Hollie I am so sorry this happened. Getting injured SUCKS. I am so glad that it wasn’t worse though. I see people with bad elbows and shoulders at physical therapy and they look miserable. While I was a train wreck at PT for the first few weeks I saw huge gains every week. While the elbow / shoulder surgery peeps just laid around being massaged. While I love massages I prefer seeing gains in my recovery. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery dear!!

  3. Oh Hollie bahhh just so sorry that this happened to you 🙁 You know what’s interesting… my mom broke her elbow in the SAME place earlier this summer! We were on a walk that day and right at the end at our house, she fell over a random rock in the road and just landed wrong. She didn’t get a cast like you have though… maybe it was less severe of a break? She did have to rest and all, but like you were told, she was also told that it was the least offensive of arm breaks.
    I broke my arm three times and my thumb once when I was growing up, the last one when I was 15… good times? Hrmph nope but at least some stories from it?
    Get well soon m’dear!

  4. Injuries are tough to deal with physically and mentally. Aside from a ton of rolled ankles, the only serious injury I’ve sustained was a torn ACL and meniscus in high school. The third day/night post-surgery, I woke up in the middle of the night in extreme pain (the most intense I’ve ever felt) and just started crying–I couldn’t walk (I was still using crutches), and I questioned whether I’d be able to run or play basketball again. Anyway, you will get through this setback, and it will make you even stronger than before.

    1. Wow, I cannot even imagine. I’m glad you are well now though obviously. Doesn’t it seem like a whole different time when you look back at injuries? It’s weird.

  5. You’re tough, and I know this is hard… it sucks and nothing can change that but I promise you will get through it 🙂

    When I broke my foot last year I went through the whole spectrum of emotions as you are… I came back way stronger and faster and it made races that much sweeter coming back from it- you will be the comeback queen!:)

  6. I broke my arm rollerblading of all things right before I started training for my first marathon. I had a monster cast for a while – from my hand to my shoulder. I tried to focus on the things that I could do and worked on lower body strength training through the 6 weeks of arm in monster cast and easy cardio. It didn’t set me back running wise as much as I thought since I kept up cardio in different ways. You definitely go through the whole spectrum of emotions but just try to keep your head up – you have great things coming your way! Sending well wishes your way – know that you have a whole flock of Oiselle birds thinking of you and praying for you!

  7. I only broke my clavicle when I was younger, but I had a stress fracture in my knee if it counts? I would definitely look for a chiropractor who is ART and Graston certified. After going to a couple, the ones with these certifications seem to be better in my opinion! You have such a good attitude with not letting this completely get you down because it was a FREAK accident. I’m pretty sure you’re going to surprise yourself at this marathon, Hollie!

  8. You’re handling this way better than I would be. I’d be sitting here cursing every cyclist I saw. I think staying positive mentally will do way more for your training than keeping up the high mileage during your recovery.

  9. your positivity continues to amaze me (and I mean this in the best way possible). I know how easy it is to get down on yourself because of an injury, I wouldn’t even be able to blog without being a total negative nancy. I have faith that you will be able to at least run this marathon.

  10. The only thing I have ever broken was my big toe. Unfortunately, I broke both (different times). The first one I ran on for seven years though 2 hours a day and couldn’t understand why my foot ALWAYS hurt.

    I think you’ll still rock the marathon!

    1. Wow! That sounds really painful and to run on a broken toe. I cry when I lose a toenail and it hurts. Though I’m glad your toe is healed now, you are incredible for that Amanda!

  11. I’m sorry to hear about your elbow and the marathon struggles 🙁 Definitely a stinky time for it. Thinking of you!

  12. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, lady. I’m happy to hear that it’s the most minor of breaks and that you still think you’ll be able to run your marathon. And good idea with the positive attitude… I can’t even imagine how frustrated you must be by all this, but you’re right that it’s not going to do anything to heal your arm. Sending healing vibes 🙂

  13. ugh I am so sorry lady, I can’t even imagine. all I know is, after every injury you have had you have come back stronger. that is what I know will happen this time again. No matter what happens in the inbetween

  14. Amen to your point that a negative frame of mind does absolutely nothing!
    That’s awesome you can cross train, it would be fabulous is you could run some. I must admit I cannot fathom running with a broken elbow, I hope it works out for you!
    I’ve never broken a bone (fingers crossed) only a stress fracture and the inevitable boot.
    Hope you get good news from the orthopedic!

  15. Ugh, I’m so sorry that happened! I would be feeling the exact same way you are. And it doesn’t matter if you’re depressed or positive your arm is still broken as you said. I hope that it heals quickly and you can get back to training and feeling 100%. I broke my arm in two places when I was about 3. I jumped out of my stroller at the mall. I don’t remember why I decided that would be a good idea. I know now it’s not.

  16. I think your attitude towards this situation is admirable. I do believe that 10 weeks is a long time and I really hope that this doesn’t set you back too much. I really do think that it is more than ok to be angry, sad, annoyed (insert emotion here) at the situation. You’ve been investing your time, energy and emotions in training for this marathon and when something like this freak accident happens, it throws off the balance. Hang in there.

    I had never broken a bone until this past April. I broke my inferior public ramus (basically my pelvis) whilst running a 50 km race. I don’t recommend it as you can’t walk / weight bear but it was also ever so painful to sit or lie down etc.

    Keep your head up, it can only get better from here!

    1. Wow Lauren that sounds really painful but I am glad to hear you are healing! Thank you for your kind words that means a lot. I’m headed to the doctors in a few minutes so hoping for good news!

  17. knock on wood no broken bones ever, which is amazing considering that I am usually covered in bruises from running in to things. It’s always tough to have an injury, but there is a weird justice to the overtraining kind…the accident kind…gahh they stink. I do go to the chiro and it’s been one of the best things for my running over the last couple of years.

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