In New York (City)

Hello my lovelies.  I want each and everyone of you to know that it isn’t you-it’s me.  I am really trying to submerge myself into my new major for these first few weeks and grasp every piece on knowledge there is to grasp.  Once I have a good handle-I’ll be able to blog on the regular.

I went to New York City this weekend (which ate up all my blogging time to begin with) to see the bro.  After two months of solid hard work, he is now recognized and an official US Navy reserves officer.  It was a really big deal and I had a lot of fun down there.  Maybe too much…

Matt finally got a pin for his uniform.  Sadly, the daddykins had to help him put it on.

Photos photos.

I couldn’t take photos during the big ceremony and party and afterparty because of some certain rules and I, am a rule abiding citizen.  It was a sad day.  I’ll explain the evening in old fashioned words.  There were about 1000 men dressed in whites, 200 ladies (that attend the school) in cocktail dresses and about 200 misc. people such as myself in nice outfits.  The group I hung out with ended up staying at the ceremony/party  until around midnight, then we rode the train into New York City.

And then I never went to sleep and ended up running at a very intense course called Sunken Meadow.  I didn’t run intensely but the boys (and few girls that came) on the cross country team sure did.  I think they ran at least 5 hill sprints (the hill is about 1.5 miles long).  I ran one time  and looped around on the boardwalk then napped on the beach. True story.

Matt and I ended up staying at the beach all day.  I mostly slept (or just layed there reading). 

I know. We are so normal.

After the beach, we went to Time Square to get some fancy noms.  I had salmon and rice pilaf and oh my god.  So good.  But when can you really mess up salmon?

Welp.  Now I’m back at school, doing more work.  I promise I’ll have more adventures to share very soon.  As well as a running update.  🙂

Question for you:

How do you manage your time with time?  What is the first thing you step back on to free up some time?  

Have you ever had a base serving of salmon?

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  1. That salmon looks SO good. I love having lots of lemon with my salmon. Congrats to your brother, and I’m jealous of your beach time! It’s been so rainy & cold this weekend.

  2. oh crap..i just realized i commented on a different one of your posts saying that guy was cute, and now i’m realizing that he is your BROTHER!! ahh this is embarrassing–im sorry!!!

  3. Congrats to your brother! 🙂

    My school year starts tomorrow, and I’m already freaking out about time management. I have a full schedule of classes plus an internship plus a job at the gym…and I’m supposed to be writing my thesis, and I’m training for a half-Ironman! I’m either going to get awesome at focusing and efficiency, or you’ll find me curled up in the fetal position under a desk in the library a few weeks from now.

    Hope your injury recovery is going well and you’re feeling good about your classes! 😀

  4. I have been wondering where you were!

    Big congrats to your brother! That’s awesome!

    And yay for the beach and New York City. I need to take a trip there stat.

  5. Your brother is hella awesome.

    In that beach photo, your bottoms are like glowing. Haha. Maybe it’s just me.

  6. WOW that is so freaking cool!!! and you are so beautiful- i love what you have over your bathing suit, love those half shirts!

  7. Sounds like a blast of a weekend! And that’s a pretty fresh swimsuit Holz. What beach were you on? Can’t believe you were in NYC and didn’t ask me for advice on good pizza…

    And yes, yes you can mess up salmon. Very easily. It’s race week for me so I better get some now that you mention it!

  8. Congratulations to your brother 🙂
    Your weekend sounds amazing…party & beach 🙂

    Time Management: I always plan each day and write down what needs to be done for that day.

  9. Congrats to Matt! That’s a huge accomplishment. I bet the after party looked pretty cool with all the guys in white and what not.

    i’ve been stepping back a bit from blogging. I just don’t feel like it. That and I have 2 days left of summer and school starts, so I’ll probably be backing off then anyway!

  10. Congratulations to your brother, wow what an exceptional accomplishment 🙂
    And p.s. I am loving your outfit at the graduation, super cute!
    Don’t worry about not being able to blog… I have actually realized lately that it’s totally fine if I don’t feel like it once in a while. I used to freak out about not posting everyday, but this is just not realistic for me

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