Bothersome Men in the Gym

I now go to my college facilities which are a little bit different than back at home. Different people and more creepy never the less. I do realize that I look rather young but college freshman, I think not.

Question for you:
What bothers you in the gym?

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  1. What bothers me is when people sweat all over the machines and don’t wipe them down… talking about the weight machines. It’s just nasty! At least use towels…

  2. hahahahahah oh my god this is the freaking funniest story everrrrrr! ahahahhahahaahahahahah i mean the kid tried hahahahahahahhahahahahaha wow hilariouss

  3. Oh god, I love your impressions of guys being impressed with themselves…soooo true. And what bothers me at the gym is the girls there really obviously just trying to pick up guys. My university gym has also just been swamped with a crowd of freshmen, and yesterday there were FOUR girls together on the machines behind me, all fixed up in like hair bows and matching outfits and whatever, using the machines wrong and TALKING ON THEIR CELL PHONES. Seriously.

    I *always* wear my headphones and Intense Stare at the gym, because I’m there to…work out. shocker!

  4. haha well over the weekend when I was renewing my club membership for the running club I belong to the lady was like ‘oh since your a junior it’s free (ie under 18), I’m like I just turned 24!’

    I almost spat my tea from laughing during your impression of the guy!

  5. The lanyard!! Why do they do that?? Same thing at WM… it was awful- I’ll have to make sure my little sister isn’t doing that.

    And next time, cut the poor kid off early- tell him you’re a senior on the cross country team and only can run with the team. End of story lol

  6. Hhahaa lady you are too funny! There are so many things that bother me at the gym- smelly people (like over the top BO action going on), when someone goes on the machine right next to you even though there are plenty of machines open, not wiping down equipment, grunting….. Ill stop now, I’m getting mad 🙂

  7. Hahaha I think I will toss my lanyard as soon as I start school next year so I’m not to obviously a freshman. I love how you imitate that guy with the low voice and all. I hate when guys hit on me at the gym. There was this one guy who I swear was like 40 years old and probably didn’t graduate high school and I actually had to change the time that I went to the gym because he was getting so bad. My biggest gym pet peeves are the meatheads who spend 4 hours a day there (get a life!), the gym whores who use 2 lb weights and show off their chest, and people who awkwardly stand by/touch a machine while talking to someone else, but you need to use that machine yet you don’t want to be awkward and interrupt them or just start using the machine.

  8. Luckily I live in a retirement community so nothing too bothersome ever happens in the gym. I don’t like when arrognant old men come in and think they own the place (I own the gym) and change the TVs and turn up the volume. I always give them an evil glare!

  9. I hate guys like that!!! I also hate when I go to the free weights and I am the only girl, so all of the guys look at me like I am so strange for lifting weights. Truthfully, I could probably lift more than half of them! The lanyard thing is soooo true though! That is definitely a way to know if someone is a freshman!

  10. hahahaha ok so I’ve been reading your blog for a while and have never commented but after this vlog i just HAD too. You’re hilarious. That boy at the gym is … retarded. haha I have no idea how you had any sort of patience with him..

  11. hahah I about DIED multiple times during this video haha. you are hilarious. I could just picture this guy when you told him that you picked your major three years ago. And it is so funny how you can pick out a freshman in college in any crowd. Its not to be mean, ts just a fact and I use to be one of them too haha

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