Happy Father’s Day

As most people know, I’m very close with my parents.  I’m able to call, text or chat anytime.  My dad has alway been there for me, and I’m lucky to have him there for my family and I. He drove me the 600+ miles to College and 2000 miles when I moved from Virginia to […]

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A Quick and Enjoyable New Years Trip

Last week I was able to go home and see my parents for New Years. It’s hard to believe I hadn’t been to my Virginia Beach hometown since the RnR Virginia Beach race in September. I’m close with my family, so it was nice to spend a few days with them.  It was a great […]

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Holly Jolly Christmas

My husband and I were lucky enough to spend last week and the Holiday with my in-laws.  Despite working most of the week, we were able to make the easy 3-hour drive to central PA.  One reason I enjoy living in New Jersey is because we are so close to everything.  Both my parents and […]

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Happy Birthday to my Husband!

Today is my husband’s birthday!   Last year I joked that this was our quarter life crisis year because we both turned 25. We sure accomplished a lot:  Getting married Buying a car Moving for the 10,000th time Putting up with LOLZ And who could forget running together too? So happy 26th birthday to my […]

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Five Types of Holiday Shoppers

There are several types of Holiday Shoppers you will see or have seen already.  Heck, you might even fall into one of these personality types.  I know I do!  Working in retail, I’ve already seen every personality type. First, it’s hard to believe Christmas is only a week and a half away. Maybe it’s just […]

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