A Tour of the East Coast

Whew, early October was busy. Truthfully in the best way possible, and I enjoyed going back and seeing friends and family. I hadn’t been back to New Jersey since we moved (the first time).

In case you are new or just didn’t know, we lived in New Jersey from 2013-2020. That’s a lifetime in military years, and we were lucky to have such a long time there. Sadly, that made it even harder to leave. Combined with the pandemic, I can’t say it was the easiest way to say goodbye.

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Tim and I napa valley
Chapter 30 | Napa, CA

In 2013, I wrote a blog titled Chapter 23.5: Texas. It involved my short time living in Del Rio, TX. It was the first time I ever lived with Tim, and shortly after I officially moved down there, he found out he was going to fly the KC-10 in New Jersey. So we moved, and I wrote a short blog post about my time in Del Rio.

While living in Napa, I drew parallels to that post. I was just 23 at the time, (23.5 I guess). Now I am 30, and we spent less than a year in Napa. My time in Napa was great. Excellent. I enjoyed most of it.

September was hard with wildfires, but for the most part, I really enjoyed the 9 months I got in Napa. I wish I had more time.

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