How To Take a Proper Ice Bath (vLog)

Blog Motivation.

I do not have it.  True life.  I think I just have no motivation because my legs are hella tired and all I want to do is sleep.  I love that feeling and dear god I would chose it over sitting out of running anyday.

Incase you have never taken an ice bath before or need the proper instructions I have created a video of what I do.  I know you probably wanted to know all of that but this is what I do every night between the hours of 8:30-9:00.  Until Wednesday, then I’ll be watching America’s Next Top Model.

What led to the sudden up rise in ice baths you ask?

I have started going casually to cross country practices.  What casually going to practice means I don’t know.  I go, I run what I can and I leave.  Which has been about everything because they have an easy week.  I have also took it upon myself to mold some of the male freshman into mini me’s.

Someone stop that situation.  Anywho-I predict an early night for me again.   Go figure.


Question for you:

What has been making you tired lately?

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  1. I can honestly say I’ve never taken an ice bath, but I don’t run so much that I really need to, either. I guess if I did XC or something, I’d need to take them.

    Have fun going to practices! It’s awesome you can go and do the workouts since they’re easy right now. But you’ll be back in no time!

  2. Haha I practically jump into the ice bath. Otherwise I’ll never submerge myself! I get in real quick and start chugging coffee and thus burn my tongue… It’s so worth it. My leisurely pool reading is actually blogs… because blog time is like gone. School, cross country, blog. Obviously blog is the first to go… but I’m lacking motivation anyways. Thank goodness I have races to blog about now or I’d be at a loss.

  3. I have never taken an actual ice bath. I fill buckets with ice and put my feet in, and that’s painful enough.

  4. Oh ice baths, how I love thee. <3 We used to have rubber duckies in our ice bath at the trainers. But now we got our own personal ice bath at our track house that we use everyday after our runs and there is not enough room for rubber duckies 🙁

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