How To Take a Proper Ice Bath (vLog)

Blog Motivation.

I do not have it.  True life.  I think I just have no motivation because my legs are hella tired and all I want to do is sleep.  I love that feeling and dear god I would chose it over sitting out of running anyday.

Incase you have never taken an ice bath before or need the proper instructions I have created a video of what I do.  I know you probably wanted to know all of that but this is what I do every night between the hours of 8:30-9:00.  Until Wednesday, then I’ll be watching America’s Next Top Model.

What led to the sudden up rise in ice baths you ask?

I have started going casually to cross country practices.  What casually going to practice means I don’t know.  I go, I run what I can and I leave.  Which has been about everything because they have an easy week.  I have also took it upon myself to mold some of the male freshman into mini me’s.

Someone stop that situation.  Anywho-I predict an early night for me again.   Go figure.


Question for you:

What has been making you tired lately?