Graduation Festivities (Pictcha Heavy)

Where did the time go?  It was just yesterday the broski and I were getting into fist fights.  No really…we did have a few of those back in early middle school.

Halloween perhaps 2000 or 2001. Who knows...let's just say back when we LESS socially awkward...

Now if you read my blog often (when I’m at home that is-you’ll know we are kinda like besties).  Minus he is forever coming into my room when I am trying to get work done.


My brother graduated high school today.  Which is where I was all freaking day.  Was it worth it?  I’m not too sure.

Just kidding.

My high school was huge and had roughly 3000 students spread though 9-12th.  It gave both the broski and I, a good background of meeting tons of people and being little socialites.  Because we are both equally as outgoing.  Maybe.

Incase you wondered, Matt is going to school in New York too but nowhere near me.  Oh and certainly not a liberal arts school with the same uh experiences.  I guess he will be running too so that makes us semi-twinnies.  Okay no not really.  Matt is going to be attending the US Merchant Marine Academy in a few short weeks.  Similar to the Naval, West point and such, it prepares you for either going into a branch of the military or the Merchant Marines.  He wants to be Navel Fighter Pilot…but he is a lil cray cray so we will see where that goes.

Since photos tell 1000 words and I’m lazy here ya go:

aDuBs and I
Since we were real girls we had to get a lil cray cray
Me and all my clss of 2011 besties
Matt and his girlfriend
The daddykins and I
Matt and the mom
To Quote Matt's senior quote "You ain't fresh as I iz"

We went to a nomtastic restaurant called Catch 21 on the VA Beach Boardwalk.  It was really good, however, it left me incredible starving after I ate. 

calmari for an appetizer

Which is why we stopped for froyo.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Are you in high school?  Excited to graduate?  Were you excited to graduate? Did you even like high school?

I actually wasn’t that excited to graduate.  I had my close knit group of 6 friends and it was tough going in different directions, but I am glad I got a way and completely did a 180 from high school.

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  1. congrats to your bro! I loved everything about HS so I was sad it ended. I went to an all girl catholic school (yes. and I loved it. and we only had 400 people in the school haha)
    Also,you brother looks very handsome and you look very pretty in your dress.
    I have to wonder how you changed from HS?

  2. Congrats to your brother! Love all your pictures.
    I was not a huge fan of high school (um swimming was pretty much life if that says anything HA) and yes I was way excited to graduate and move on with my life 🙂

  3. You look beautiful!! I remember my high school days, it was fun but I was ready to move on 🙂

  4. Congratulations to matt! Everyone looks pretty fresh, it’s a close race.
    I am excited to graduate. I don’t really fit in here and my tight group of friends dissolved so I’m sort of in limbo. I’m gonna miss xc and track though since I didn’t get a full hs experience with it.

  5. congrats to your bro!! My bro is one yr older than yours, and he too is my best friend. He’s a VT Hokie.:)

  6. Congrats to the little bro! I’m post-college but thought high school was okay! Being homeschooled probably had something to do with that…I got a lot of free time.

  7. I was not a “high school person” I am much happier in college so obviously I was really excited to graduate. I will say that high school got gradually more enjoyable and senior year was very memorable:)

  8. 1. I can’t remember high school, I am that old.
    2. What I do remember, I hated. I was voted “most likely to succeed,” i.e. girl we only want only in our study group so maybe she will let us cheat off her tests.
    3. I love that dress. Adorbs. Like you. xoxo

  9. LOL I love his quote!! Hiiiiilarious.

    I was excited to graduate I think? I had gotten into American University and was planning on attending there…then saw what the interest rate on the loans was going to be O_O and wound up going to UMass.

  10. Catch 21 I’ve heard is really good! However, same reason, that’s why I don’t like going out to eat (unless for real pizza) because I’m always hungry afterward! Sure I could order a massive portion of something not super-healthy, but the healthier menu options always give less food so I end up still being hungry!

  11. You and your brother look so much alike! I can tell you guys are close.

    Looks like you had a fun time!!! I personally cannot wait to graduate next year….it seriously could not come sooner.

  12. My high school had 600 students. That was a lot for me. Haha.

    Congrats to your brother. He’s badass for wanting to get into the Marines and Naval services. That’s so awesome.

  13. Congrats to your brother! I had my ups and downs in high school, but overall, I liked it. Although, I was sad to leave my friends and my extracurricular activities more than I was my classes, haha.

  14. I love your dress :). My whole high school only had about 400 people. Maybe a little less. I think my graduating class in college had about that many, haha… and that’s college. And congrats to your bro on his graduation and college selection… good luck to him in the military when he goes in :).

    Love your dress too!

  15. Love, love, love the dress! Can we get details? 😉

    I liked high school, but I wasn’t that sad when graduation came. When college graduation rolled around, I realized that I actually had to be an adult, & that was a little scary. 🙂

  16. Aw congrats to your brother!! 🙂 And your dress is seriously gorgeous by the way! I love super colorful dresses…they’re pretty much the only ones I’ll wear haha!

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