Weekly Roundup

Truthly, this last week was very busy for me.  I was packing to get ready for my internship and packing always stresses me out.  (I’m always worried I’ll forget something…normally I do) I also had a few untied ends to look into and it was just plain stressful.  I don’t know about you, but the feeling of unknown is quite scary.

Luckily for me, my week was made a lot better when Laura was in town.  We hung out ate delicious omelets (#obsessed) and then even went for a 6am run together.  She is literally my sister from another mister.  Case and point, I picked her up at the airport and we were both wearing lace tops and blue bottoms.  (classy coordination).

So that was certainly a needed bonus fun time.


On breaks at work and in my somewhat free time outside of packing, I was able to finish a few paintings.  (incase you didn’t know-I like to paint…but only cats.  I don’t sell them or anything, just something to do).

Also at work, I convinced Anna why Wawa gas station coffee was amazing.  (Because I say so)

Then the rest of the time, I just continued to pack.  I’m sure I did more things but I’m not a lengthy blogger and I like to have some mystery to my life.  Actually-it was probably just boring and I have the remembrance of an ant.

Question for you:

1.      Do you have any soul sisters?  (brothers)

2.      What do you do for fun?  (don’t say blogging and don’t say working out…) 


WIAW On My Birthday

Some of you may know, my birthday was last Thursday (July 12th).  Though I never formally said, “my birthday is today” because I didn’t see the point…it was…it came and went and it was fun…I had a great birthday dinner with my family and Anna.   Since I turned 22, I decided waffle house and having beer and waffles wasn’t classy enough for my new found adulthood…

So we went to a nice Japanese restaurant in my area because that is my jive. Well that was my jive on my birthday anyways.  It was really good and did not disappoint.

This will be a picture filled blog because I haven’t had one in a while. 

Sushi roll of salmon and tuna with avocado. So good.

Sashimi=raw fish. My absolute favorite.

Seemed like a good 22 year old thing at the time.

Then they sung to me and gave me a free fried ice cream. Which was delicious.

No really, they did sing to me…


Question for you: What did you do for your last birthday?

Weekend Scenes

Scenes from real life.  As asked in my Q&A, I’ll post more real life blogs.  Because I exist outside of running, swimming and working out.  (Really I do…).

Anyways because I never do weekend recaps I thought I would just integrated the bundle all together.  LOLZ.  Incase you are a new follower, I’m very close with my family.  At the current moment, I’m the only “kid” living at home so it means hanging out with the parents all the time.

Dad: I’m going to read about why Katie left Tom in this trashy magazine.

Saturday, I woke up early went for a hilly run then prepared to go see Stevie Nicks (lead singer of the band Fleetwood Mac) in concert.  This was only made better in the fact that opening for her was my other favorite artist Vanessa Carlton (seriously…could I be any more lucky?).

So that was fun.

Anna and I

Because I’m a rockstar…

and because no concert is golden without a beer…

Then Sunday, I had to work.  (I took the day off Saturday).  The pool is well…the pool and nothing too exciting happened there.  After work though, I scurried home to get ready for a lovely date with the gorgeous Ashleigh to the Cheesecake factory.  (I know…more then one friend on my blog at once?) Ashleigh is my brother Matt’s girlfriend and she is fabulous. 

Who cares what the main course was…this Red Velvet Cheesecake was amazing

So yes, a weekend recap from me.  Something I haven’t done in a while.  The unmentioned portions I was either cleaning, blog reading or sleeping because I enjoy to relax.  More then most people.

Question for you: How was your weekend? 

Date Time!

Sometimes people email me and ask if I exist in real life because all I talk about is running or work.  Well sadly that is all my life consists of right now, minus the occasional dates with aDuBs.  It was really nice to just have time to relax and not be stressed about other things.  I’ll probably be posting some photos of work though and the mass amounts of joys we have there soon.  🙂 

We went to Applebee’s last week and it was so good.  Minus the fact they had changed their menu to not include Salmon anymore (I don’t think I have been in a solid year) but anyways, but I got the bruschetta chicken salad and it was delicious.

Incase you are new to these parts, aDuBs (Anna) and I have been best friends for nearly 11 years now.  Who would have though because she hated me at first…but I was weird so she had every right too…as she does now.

Question for you:  Who is your best friend? 

You know…living the dream…

Thank-you for all your directions on some easy good cakes.  Mom was pleased with my box caking making.  😉  I wasn’t going to post a blog on my lack of blogging because really…who cares…but just kinda went with it and I had extra time this morning.

Good thing for me (I guess) but it has almost been unimaginably busy.  There hasn’t been a point in my period of blogging that I have not been able to have some time to blog…until now…but hey we all go through these phases with life.

But alas it seems like the entire interwebz have been quiet this weekend.

What have I been doing anyways? 

Getting my pool ready to open.  If you were a reader last year then you know that I manage a pool in a somewhat unprivileged neighborhood.  To put it lightly, the pool closes at 4pm everyday and also cannot open without a policeman.   I’ve seen arrests, drug busts, riots and gang fights, and a close drowning.  Anyways-as bad as that last sentence sounds I have a lot of fun managing but it does keep me super busy.

Yes this is the pool…

Hanging out with the broski who went back to college this weekend. 

From the swim yesterday….

And I was happy I got to hang out with my bffer Anna this weekend too.  Though she will be working at the Cav starting tomorrow…so more musings from her.

I also went to the dark side and enjoyed a nice iced coffee the other day.  Then chased it two hours later with a hot…but still had an ice coffee.

You should venture to guess I’m super cute in real life too…obvious.

Anyways-now that I have rambled about practically nothing, I’ll go write a race recap of yesterday’s open water swim.  I didn’t drown and had a great time.  No really.

Questions for you: 

If you a blogger, do you ever feel pressured to blog? 

For me, I used to maybe the first week I blogged…but now I know people don’t wake up in the morning and live their life to read blogs…therefore you will be okay if I go a week…month…hour…without posting.

Do you thrive on being busy or enjoy lots of downtime?

No, I like to be busy.  I hate sitting around.

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