Date with Legends Part 1

I’ve had a lot of dates in the past week and I fully plan to give each person the awesome dedication they deserve.  Susan is the first.  Suzi is awesome and I was so excited to able to meet her down in Syracuse, NY at a local restaurant called The Clam Bar.

First, Suzi is awesome.  Not only has she scheduled a huge Boston Run Tribute in Syracuse (which gathered over 1000 runners in Onondaga Lake Park) but she has had a lot of great accomplishments I could brag about for ages…. But anyways since saying we had an awesome time would be a huge understatement, I’ll just leave it at that.


We went to a nice restaurant called the Clam Bar and Grille located in Northern Syracuse.  You would never guess from the outside how delicious this place is going to be.  It’s an easily missed spot and even googling it didn’t provide a lot of results.  (Though they do have a website).   On a Friday night, it was jam packed with people though but not the type of people you would think for a Friday night bar scene.  Most of the people there were over the age of 60.  We actually waited for close to 30 minutes but that is typical on Friday’s which all our new found friends.

I decided to order the blue crab stuffed sole…because well…I had never had that before and wanted to switch it up from my typical Salmon.  The food came out pretty quickly and was amazing.  (I know great accurate foodie terms I have).  I absolutely would recommend it.


The other important factor that I personally take into account was how filling it was.  Obviously as a runner when you pay a lot of money for food that isn’t that filling…it stinks.  This was not the case though and I left feeling pretty full.  I won’t sit here telling you I like to eat expensive restaurants that I have to eat a second meal afterwords…ain’t nobody straight outta college  trying to pay race fees can afford that.

So do I recommend The Clam Bar in Syracuse?  Yes.  It’s a local scene with great seafood, the service was great and it’s more of my style of people (ie: the older crowd…literally).

My only sad part is that I really wish I was able to buy one of these adorable coffee mugs.  (Sell them Clam Bar!)


After our lovely date at The Clam Bar, we decided to head over to Chuckle Berries a cute little froyo place down the road.  I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had froyo (it has to have been at least 6 months).  Chuckle Berries had great selection of flavors including my personal favorite cake battle and I also tried the caramel crunch.  The froyo was great and the toppings were pretty typical of a froyo place (fruit, chocolate, ect).  They also had homemade whip cream which is always half my froyo stash anyways.

How ice cream should a side to my whip cream.

How ice cream should be…as a side to my whip cream.

Questions for you:

Favorite ice cream topping?

Cherries (I put at least 50) and whip cream.

What time do you normally eat dinner at?


Trail Me Thursday Week 1 (Home Edition)

I have been posting an assortment of blogs and vlogs but no daily blogs about what exactly I’ve been up too?( I know you care so much).

Why because I’m boring.

Just kidding, I’ve been using my time to catch up on some random things and just packing to go back up school (which I’m going back tomorrow wahhh).  I hear it’s like -10 or something up there but I’m not looking at Upstate NY weather. 

Anyways-I’m starting something called Trail Me Thursday, where I feel the need to put you (the blogging world) into my back pocket and take you on a journey through my day.  Keep in mind this is my last day in the South so it might be a tad different than usual. 

I’ve mentioned on Dailymile but not so much here, I’m taking this entire week off of running.  My knee has felt really squirrelly and I don’t want to do anything rash so I’m just chilling and Arctraining.  I’m really upset about it but I’m not going to sob all over the interwebs.

So instead I did an hour on the Arctrainer in the morning.

I got lunch with aDuBs as Panera.  I *needed* to get my salmon salad again before I left.  Of course it didn’t disappoint per usual.  I love salmon and I love salads with feta cheese. 

Afterwords-I finished packing and cleaning and then drove up North (45 mins) to meet aDuBs again (near her school), this time for froyo.  Bffers got to do what a bffers go to do.   I needed to see my babycakes again. 

Please aDuBs just pose with this froyo....that's what food bloggers do and stuff. You know, pose with ice cream.

We had an awesome time and I actually didn’t have as much froyo as I would have liked this break.  I guess being busy got the best of me or something ha.   No matter-I had lots of gas station coffee and hot cocoa so I guess it was a good trade off.

And then I pumped my gas for the 12 hour drive in the morning.  I know…I live the dream. 

Love me some gas pumping...

Anyways-I’m off to school in the morning.  (wah 12 hours straight north).  Catch ya’ll on the flip side.


Question for you:  What did you do today on Trail Me Thursday? 

Graduation Festivities (Pictcha Heavy)

Where did the time go?  It was just yesterday the broski and I were getting into fist fights.  No really…we did have a few of those back in early middle school.

Halloween perhaps 2000 or 2001. Who knows...let's just say back when we LESS socially awkward...

Now if you read my blog often (when I’m at home that is-you’ll know we are kinda like besties).  Minus he is forever coming into my room when I am trying to get work done.


My brother graduated high school today.  Which is where I was all freaking day.  Was it worth it?  I’m not too sure.

Just kidding.

My high school was huge and had roughly 3000 students spread though 9-12th.  It gave both the broski and I, a good background of meeting tons of people and being little socialites.  Because we are both equally as outgoing.  Maybe.

Incase you wondered, Matt is going to school in New York too but nowhere near me.  Oh and certainly not a liberal arts school with the same uh experiences.  I guess he will be running too so that makes us semi-twinnies.  Okay no not really.  Matt is going to be attending the US Merchant Marine Academy in a few short weeks.  Similar to the Naval, West point and such, it prepares you for either going into a branch of the military or the Merchant Marines.  He wants to be Navel Fighter Pilot…but he is a lil cray cray so we will see where that goes.

Since photos tell 1000 words and I’m lazy here ya go:

aDuBs and I

Since we were real girls we had to get a lil cray cray

Me and all my clss of 2011 besties

Matt and his girlfriend

The daddykins and I

Matt and the mom

To Quote Matt's senior quote "You ain't fresh as I iz"

We went to a nomtastic restaurant called Catch 21 on the VA Beach Boardwalk.  It was really good, however, it left me incredible starving after I ate. 

calmari for an appetizer


Which is why we stopped for froyo.

Question for you:

  1. 1.       Are you in high school?  Excited to graduate?  Were you excited to graduate? Did you even like high school?

I actually wasn’t that excited to graduate.  I had my close knit group of 6 friends and it was tough going in different directions, but I am glad I got a way and completely did a 180 from high school.

Just One of Those Days…

I got a lot of questions about the carrot cake yogurt.  It isn’t Greek yogurt-but Yoplait.  I just plopped it right on top of my carrot cake waffle for double carrotcakeness.  I don’t limit myself to Greek yogurt all the time because quite frankly I enjoy the taste of other yogurts too.


Today was just one of those days that I woke up at 6:00am to swim with the daddykins.

I had my favorite waffle for breakfast.

And gas station coffee and froyo for lunch.  I had to go take a test on the campus for my online class, which happens to be downtown right next to my favorite mall.  Which happens to have coconut froyo and cherries.  Win.

Sadly though Lorraine is in the shop, so I have to put up with Renold. I do in fact, name all the cars in my life old people names. Somehow the daddykins does not approve of his mustang being named Otis.

coconut, cherries, kiwi and pineapple. It was oddly the

Today was also a very unproductive day as I sat here reading (for quite some time) your lovely bizarre stories about your life and am glad to know I am not the only one.

I think the winner for most bizarre goes to:

I thought these things only happened in the movies.  I would have drop kicked him. 

This was also one of those days where Nikki Manaje and I were besties.  As she accompanied me on my speed workout today.  Todays run was 2 miles warmup/cooldown 8X400 with 100 jog and 1 minute rest in between.  If you download this song and play it on repeat, it’s like we are running together.

And one of those days where the mom and I just wanted to make something easy aka pork chops, corn and asparagus.  Another one of my favorite meals.



Question for you:

1. Do you ever have those blurs of days?   I think it’s possibly because I’m in a rather deep sleep deficit personally.

2. Nicki M, yay or nay? 

I’m still not sure how I feel about her but this song is awesomesauce.  But her music video of 20 her kind of frightens me.

What you didn’t do that in your youth?

My fellow blogging besties.  I have returned after a rather short but much needed personal time off.  I hope everyone had a wonderful week.  It is kinda of flying by for me.  Maybe that was because I was too busy being a real girl wearing real girl clothes.

Before I begin and partially the reason I needed to come back so quickly.  My bestie Anna, (better known as aDuBs…but only because I call her that and she hates it) has created and a blog and I’m going to personally make sure each of you become her biggest fan.

So go there now because she is amazing and fabulous and the only one to put up with me for 10 years.  God knows no one else can.  So go.   NOW!

And because I’m on the topic of aDuBs…I goggled her name into my 1500 photos and found some winners.

This must have been over Thanksgiving.

This was in the middle of glassblowing class last summer. Clearly we were studious.

In one of those mall booths. I was so confused of what we were doing bahaha.

10th grade cruise! (and yes my hair is that color when I don't dye it)

As you can clearly see she puts up with my crap.  ha.  😉


Fun fact of the week: I wore real girl clothes and looked presentable every single day.  I also wore a bathing suit and running spandex most days too but there were clothes that wouldn’t make you question that I was a member of society (as my dad says).

Whenever I don’t wear “real girl clothes” the daddykins always tells me I’m not ready to be a productive member of society for the day.  Which 9/10 days I wear real girl clothes so I don’t have to put up with his sassyness.

Speaking of the daddykins, if you are in the VA Beach area and you go over the bridge right after the downtown tunnel off of 264, my dad’s old ship is in the drydock.  I tried to have a photoshoot with the ship but it was an epic fail.  No, I wasn’t driving and yes I will capture more photos because it will be there for a while.


Noms of the week:

I had like 20 salads this week.  Have you ever just craved your greens? Each was pretty decent but the one at my favorite diner ever (the Silver Diner) was the best.  Salmon, cranberries, mango, strawberries, spinach…other random things.  The lady asked if I wanted to salmon filets and I responded with…a fatties got to eat.  I guess that meant two because that is what she gave me.

oh yes and this deliscous black bean quasadilla too

Because I was feeling rather down in the dumps all week, my family thought it acceptable to fatten me up with ice-cream.  I’m addicted and if you ever come visit we are going on many dates.   My mom loves froyo but quite frankly nothing beats some good ole cake batter ice cream.

once here

another time here...

I have also been putting my magic bullet to good use and making blueberry smoothies a lot.  Nom nom nom.

My dad asked when I took this photo what the hell I was doing. I asked him didn't do this in your youth.

You know of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without some good ole pancakes and waffles.

dark chocolate cherry pancakes

Strawberry waffle...we have a plethera of strawberries in these parts...

peanut flour pancakes

Well anywho.  I am alive and well and I hope you guys are too.


Question for you:

Tell something fantastic that has happened to you that you have been dying to tell me about. (I guess that is more of a statement but I’m over it).

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