Where does the time go…Oh wait.

I have spent the last week staring at Microsoft (where I write my blogs) very hmm, emotional.  I can’t exactly decide what I want to say because really I don’t quite know (and that often doesn’t happen much because I nearly always know what I want to say).

Well anyways after Monday’s blog about food, it kind of even bored me a little a bit.  I went back and read it several times on Tuesday, hoping to be inspired about what I should write but I stared blankly.  In fact, I didn’t really do anything productive Tuesday night because I normally set about an hour to write a blog and instead I kind of just let it blur by.

I read a great post the yesterday from Emily, about spending way to much time on the internet between facebook, twitter and blogging.  I think as bloggers, half our lives (okay not half….but you get my jive) is spent on the internet.  I don’t like it.  Right now I’m taking an online course, which adds more internet face time.

Am I enjoying life?

Well yes- I always enjoy my life. 

I think lately a lot of past emotions have been flooding back into my mind which is another reason I have been a little bit MIA.   Instead of reading blogs and writing worthwhile ones I have been painting and relaxing and spending less time in front of the computer.  I have also been spending time with the broski since he leaves for college in a couple weeks and we won’t be able to talk but on Sundays for 10 minutes for a while.  Each to their own college (again not my jive).

 It’s quite refreshing really to take a break and spend time with tangible things


But yes-I’m still around. Here is a brief but highly fascinating cliff note version of my life.

I have been lifeguarding at my pool.  I actually sat in the stand a couple times.  Managing the pool you just stare at chemicals the entire time and make sure nothing blows up and your lifeguards don’t kill each other and or the patrons.  And that they are intelligent enough to save people.  Which no bad things have happened thus far. 

I learned to Dougie from so uh professionals at Cav (my pool too).  It seems about the same way as Upstate minus…a little better ha.  Today they asked me what race I was because I had such a “ghetto booty”.  #mostawkwardmomentoftheweek

I have been also obsessing over this song called right there (you may have recalled me searching for it for a solid hour last night…).  New Superbass to put on repeat? 

It’s a possibility.  It’s also a possibility that I plan on dancing just like that everywhere I go.

Oh and sorry to be a depressing Debbie but I was not a real girl today.  Unless you count my long lost hot pink hoodie and leggings. 

Please remind me that I'm not in middle school and this isn't myspace.

Okay-so aDuBs judges me for this and I don’t see the problem.  I bought four pairs of the same everlast black leggings.  Two for running and two for lounging.  They are mad comfortable and normal leggings you have wear white underwear because the leggings are somewhat see through.  These leggings are thick and the bomb.com.


Finally I have been running and swimming.  I am cutting down my miles this week to keep injuries at bay.  Although I do have an open water swim this weekend, my next road race is July 4th.  I would hypothetically right now like to be under 20 minutes again (but we will see).


Questions for you:

1.       Do you think you spend too much time online?  Where do you spend most of your time?  Facebook? Twitter?  Blogging? 

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  1. omg girl so true. when i was on vaca for the month and a half it was so refreshing to NOT be in the computer which i normally spend 1/3 of my day..oopps.. i just want to make sure that i’m putting in the effort into my blog and others as i know they’re diong the same. we can balance. no worries girl.

  2. I totally spend too much time online. BUT… I do feel like my time is productive, whereas before, I was aimlessly perusing facebook. like, nonstop. at least now I’m developing friendships with my bloggity friends, right? 😉

  3. I definitely spend too much time online/WRITING! In addition to blogging I am working on a book (shhh) and some days I’m like — okay enough! Human interaction PLEASE! haha.

  4. Yes I feel this way a lot. Sometimes I’ll realize I’ve had barely any human contact all day but have spent it all looking at blogs. Not a good feeling. Real life is happening all around me and I want to enjoy it =)

  5. Ugh, definitely. I’ve been at home sick for the past couple of days, and I feel like I’ve reached the very end of the internet. I want to go, like, work on an Amish farm for a month or something, haha.

  6. There are def times when I feel like I’m online way too much and thats usually when I try to make sure I go and read my book more. Sometimes I like to take a day just to not be on it at all and that is sometimes nice.
    There is a girl that I used to swim with who is white as can be (shes canadian) and has a “ghetto booty” too. Thats awkwardly funny that they asked you what race you were haha

  7. I definitely have to keep myself in check when it comes to internet and tv time! Especially since its summer…its so easy to just sit in front of the screens for hours on end. So I always have to limit myself to in the mornings while I’m eating breakfast and at night while I’m relaxing in front of the telly!

    PS: Super Bass and Right There are muh JAMZZZZ!

  8. I dont like that I spend a lot of time online either. I wish that we could be outside all day, just like when we were kids!
    Sorry to hear you were having an emotional day. Sending hugs your way!
    And you get some interesting comments from complete strangers haha

  9. Now that I got a job, my time online has been less. I try not to be on the computer all the time anyway. I’m torn between reading and the TV. Hah.

    But it is completely understandable if you aren’t updating your blog daily. You have a life after all.

  10. I was thinking about this too. I definitely need to take a break. Well, today I didn’t blog because I got no sleep, had a major meltdown that was really embarassing, and just felt like shit all around. I did nothing but sit in a car and ate nothing interesting, so really there was no point in forcing it. It felt good to get that out.
    I think it’s perfectly acceptable to buy 4 pairs of leggings and wear them for whatever even if they aren’t intended to be worn. They’re just so freaking comfortable and easy, and I hate how normal leggings are see through.

  11. I really really enjoyed reading this post. I definitely spend the most time blogging, but it used to be Facebook. I am so glad I have joined the blogging world and am thankful for the community and friends I have met along the way… but I do feel I have become a bit addicted to it! I hate letting the old Google Reader get too many unread posts, because I suddenly feel overwhelmed and want to read them all, comment, etc. Sometimes this whole thing causes me a whole lot of anxiety, but then I also love it at the same time and can’t imagine stopping. I am very confused how I feel right now and have actually been thinking a lot about this lately.
    I wish I had some sort of solution or advice, but for now, I am simply conflicted.

  12. Pink counts as girly.
    I think I got a pretty good balance worked out.
    I step away from the computer when my eyes glaze over. It doesn’t take very long. I have ADD that way.

  13. I agree that the down side of being a blogger is so much time on the computer.. it sucks! But it is worth it most of the time 🙂 I guess it is all about finding a balance 😀

  14. I spend all day everyday at work in front of a computer. Honestly it’s a bit much and I know it’s not ideal. BUT with that being said, I have zero internet at home, no cable and often times I leave my phone laying around and forget about it at night. It’s nice to unplug even if it’s only momentarily!

  15. I deffo used to spend too much time online, but not so much anymore! I spend about 2 hours now, tops!
    hahaha ghetto bootayyy, girl I got onea them too 😛

  16. Yeah, I spend too much time online. I don’t normally, but this online math course is insane. I totally understand the need to just get up and walk away and let go by some other means (not blogging because its just more internet). Of course we all miss you when you don’t blog/twitter/comment/whatever, but everyone has a life beyond the computer screen haha. Good luck on your 4th of July race. I’m doing a 5k on the 4th. Hooray!

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