WIAW: Instagrammed

I always feel like it’s somewhat cheating or boring because if you follow me on instagram, I normally post these shots and so it’s like you are seeing the same thing..over and over again…but alas I don’t think anyone is really that concerned with it.  With that I will dump some of instagram eats on […]

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Hanging out with Nikki

Friday was such a great day.  I think I barely got any sleep Thursday night because I was so excited to see Nikki (from LifeAfterSwim).  I mean cool blogger meetups is basically what I blog for.  After some interesting times the day before and only having leeway to go so far, I was happy we […]

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Date Time!

Sometimes people email me and ask if I exist in real life because all I talk about is running or work.  Well sadly that is all my life consists of right now, minus the occasional dates with aDuBs.  It was really nice to just have time to relax and not be stressed about other things. […]

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Not Being a Pain While Eating and Traveling

As some of you (may or may not) know-I’ve been traveling a lot lately.  In this last month between coming home, going to races and visiting friends, I’ve literally been gone every weekend.  Meaning eating on the road and eating out…all the time.  Which is hard enough but having special (high protein and fat diet […]

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Oh look I had a weekend life (somewhat)

Anyone else love that song by Fleetwood Mac, Monday morning? Random but it’s stuck in my head.  Anyways-I normally don’t have very eventful weekend recaps because I don’t do very much.  Well not much interesting stuff that is.  This previous weekend was a bit more exciting so I decided I would chat you guys up […]

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