Happy National Coffee Day

There are very few “foodie” holidays I celebrate.

National Coffee Day

Why?  Because there are so many, in fact, there is a food “holiday” almost every day…See this master list.  Thinking out loud, it’s no secret that I enjoy coffee.

National Coffee Day

Coffee, however, is one that I do.  I drink coffee almost every day.  I like the taste.  I’m also in the minority that drinks decaf after noon because I want to sleep.

My top 3 favorite places to get coffee are Wawa, Starbucks and a local place down the road.  Oh look, even at my wedding, we had a coffee bar.

coffee station

There isn’t a lot of coffee I don’t like.  My favorite way is to top with whipped cream.  It gives a little bit of sugar, and the bottom is more creamy since the whipped cream eventually melts into the coffee.  So it’s dark and bold at first, then more creamy and “dessert like” at the end.

Want free coffee?  Here are a few places celebrating the day.

Wawa: free (any size) coffee today

Krispy Kreme: free 12-ounce cup of coffee and a free glazed doughnut

Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin Donuts is celebrating National Coffee Day and being in business for 66 years.  They priced a medium hot coffee for 66 cents on Thursday.

Starbucks: Starbucks is not giving free coffee but will donate a coffee tree for every brewed cup of México Chiapas coffee you buy.  Today’s cup can help a farmer’s future.

national coffee day

Finally because who doesn’t like a little bit of history about the beverage they love? 

History of Coffee: “According to a coffee history legend, an Arabian shepherd named Kaldi found his goats dancing joyously around a dark green leafed shrub with bright red cherries in the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula.”

History of Coffee and How is Spread Worldwide: Interesting video documentary/video

national coffee day

Questions for you:

Are you Celebrating National Coffee Day?

How do you like your coffee? 


17 responses

  1. I like my coffee any way I can get it, but recently I’ve been adding some pumpkin spice creamer. Mmm. But I love diner coffee. I don’t know what it is, but it tastes better, I swear. And I love how you always get your mug refilled about halfway through so it’s always hot & never empty. 🙂

  2. Great post…if you’ve happened to stop by my blog, you know I’m lucky enough to work in technology at the global Starbucks support center, so we got all kinds of good 🙂 I love our limited supply reserve coffees that they bring out periodically, the flavors are amazing…if you ever visit a reserve store and they have a clover machine, try a reserve…fabulous! I usually shout out a coffee pick each week in the blog too!

  3. I think everyday is national coffee day at my house! Haha I love a good cup of French pressed coffee, an Americano, or an iced latte with coconut milk. Whipped cream sounds really good!

  4. I feel like I celebrate coffee everyday 🙂 But it’s seriously one of my favourite things to drink, and I don’t even do it so much for energy as I do for the comfort. Normally I’ll just have it black with maybe a splash of milk.

  5. I got a free coffee today at the gas station across the street from my house, Circle K. Got black coffee with one caramel creamer and English Toffee syrup, and it’s really good… sipping on it now in your honor!

  6. If only every day would be a celebration of coffee. It is so worthy of it. Very cool post. I concur with everything you wrote except that I think my blood has been completely replaced with coffee.

  7. Mmm coffee 😀 This morning was a struggle – I was late to work after a workout and didn’t have time to swing by my local coffeeshop for my daily pick-me-up (of all the days!), but fortunately we had an espresso food truck at my office building today. BEST.THING.EVER.
    Oh, and post-long run espresso shakes? Mmmm amazing.

  8. This is the greatest thing I have read all day. Seriously- how would our world go on without our coffee?! Caffeine really may be my second blood group

  9. I am not a coffee drinker. I don’t like the taste but the couple times I have tried to force it down when I was really tired, it did not wake me up! I could still go right to sleep.

  10. I am so amused by this national coffee day thing. It’s the first year I’ve heard of it and it’s everywhere suddenly. Coffee is such a given for me it’s like oxygen. It might as well be national oxygen day I’m like what? Oh yeah I would die without coffee but I never bother to give it a second thought. I am not a foodie by any stretch but a celebration of coffee? That I can get behind. Like Dunkin Donuts says…. American runs… On coffee!

  11. Morning Coffee = Joy! I am to the point now where I roast my own coffee beans and use a hand grinder every morning for the perfect cup. At home I think I have 5 or 6 different ways to make it. If you are going to have an addiction, coffee is a good choice! I am just going to go ahead and whole heartedly believe that cofffee legend because I like it. I just realized in the sentence before I misspelled ‘coffee’, but im going to let it stand because im writing this in a coffee shop on cup no 3. Thank you for the knowledge

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