Jumboland Diner (Branchville)

While in Branchville in Sussex County, I decided to stop at the Jumboland Diner. I wasn’t terribly hungry and in fact was eating a couple of hours later, but I had wanted to go to the Jumboland for a while so I decided to get a light snack.  Like all of New Jersey, the Jumboland is open for outdoor seating and takeout. They had a nice picnic table set up so I decided to eat outdoors.

Jumboland Diner (Branchville)

Jumboland Atmosphere: A
The Jumboland atmosphere is safe. The picnic tables are at least 6 feet apart. Plus they have a drive through to pick up your food. Is Jumboland the only diner to have a drive thru? Maybe, but I thought it was awesome. The outside is inviting and welcoming.

Jumboland Coffee: X
It was extremely hot and I didn’t order coffee while sitting outside.

Jumboland Food: A
The Jumboland Diner menu has everything you would want in a diner. They have plenty of breakfasts from omelets, to steak and eggs, to lunch and dinner specials. They are also known for their salad bar which I have to wonder if it will return post COVID times.

Jumboland Diner (Branchville) special salad

The other unique component is there is an ice cream stand attached to dienr. If you just want ice cream, you can get that too. The Jumboland is also known for their ice cream and they have a whole separate section for that too. How cool! Since I was eating somewhere else later (seriously was I diner pregaming?), I decided to order their Jumboland Special Salad. The Jumboland Special Salad had strawberries, pecans, feta cheese, all over mixed greens. The strawberries were fresh and it was a good salad. I was impressed!

Jumboland Diner (Branchville) jumboland special salad

Jumboland Service: C 
We wanted to get breakfast at the Jumboland Diner. Online it says they are open at 5 am. Great, we thought and tried to stop by at 5:30…they were closed. Then we tried at 6:15 and still closed. So it was upsetting. I had my heart set on going to the Jumboland so we went later in the day. Later in the day was fine and it was open as usual but no one could tell me why they weren’t open we stopped by earlier.

Jumboland Price: $$
For the Jumboland Special Salad, it was $13.95 which is a little more expensive but it was a good salad. The ingredients were fresh and I would order it again.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back?
I liked the Jumboland Diner and thought it was a good meal. I would love to try them for a bigger meal. I felt safe and comfortable at the Jumboland Diner which is the most important part. If you are going hiking at Stokes Forest, High Point or the Delaware Water Gap, it’s a great stop.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: X
Food: A
Service: C
Price: $5-15
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Have you ever gone to a restaurant early and it wasn’t opened?
What is your favorite type of salad?


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