Injury Log Week 10: The Roller Coaster of Emotion

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Another week has gone.  In two weeks, I’ll have run for as long as I rested.  As time keeps ticking on and my miles increase, my foot feels fine. 

Injury Timeline:

March 1: Calceaneaous Stress Fracture Occurs (Known as the Heel Bone)

Week 1: (March 2-8): Boot, slight pain, and swelling, allowed to swim

Week 2: (March 9-15): Boot, minimal pain, minor swelling, allowed to swim

Week 3: (March 16-22): Boot, no pain or swelling, gyms closed, and almost 0 activity

Week 4: (March 23-29): Boot, no pain, added core

Week 5: (March 30th-April 5): Boot removed, no pain, core, and leisurely walks

Week 6: (April 6th-April 12th): easy walks, 1.5-mile walk-run, core

Week 7: (April 13-April 19): 1.5-2 mile walk-runs, core (Total Walk-Run miles 13)

Week 8: (April 20-26) 2-4 mile walk-runs, core (Total Miles 24)

Week 9: April 27-May 3rd 4-5 mile runs, core  (Total Miles 35)

Week 10: May 4th- May 10th 6-7 mile runs, Virtual 5k (20:53) (Total Miles 42)


This week brought every emotion.  I wrote more about it in the newsletter, but it felt like I rode a good day followed by a bad day, repeat, repeat. It feels as though we have been doing this “forever” but have a long way to go.

I <3 Mom 5k: (20:53)

I decided to run the J&A I <3 Mom Virtual 5k. I had no idea what my fitness would be. The virtual race confirmed what I already knew when my body broke: my body needed a break.  

When I first got injured with a calcaneus stress fracture, I was sad. No one wants a stress fracture, but I also knew my body needed a break. I had been go go going (albeit not as high of mileage in the last few years) but hadn’t had a longer break. I wasn’t getting faster. I was stagnant and running anywhere between 20-21 minute 5ks. That’s great for a lot of people, but when your PR is 18:12, it’s not where you want to be. I respected my broken foot. At first, I swam, and when that was taken away, I did nothing. When I mean nothing, there was about 2 weeks where I maybe logged 1000 steps around the house. Maybe.

During the I <3 Mom Virtual 5k, I ran slightly faster than the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Run. There are obviously many more factors, including course, weather, etc.

The rest ultimately makes me feel out of shape now, but I do know in the long term, it will be best. I’ve set all of my PRs after injury. On Sunday, I ran a 20:53 5k with a lot of fitness to be regained.  A few months ago, I ran a 20:XX 5k, burned out, and stale.

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Questions for you:

How has your running been?

Are you doing any virtual races?





  1. My running was going pretty well a couple months ago but I made the mistake of ramping up mileage too much and too soon with all the closures and my ability to work from home. I’ve never had a stress fracture, but I’m worried I could have one now in my lower leg a few inches above my ankle. I know I’ll eventually have to go to a doctor, but do you have any suggestions on how to distinguish a fracture from something else? The weird thing with this injury is it feels better after warming up, but periodically will be an aching sensation that feels good to work on with a lacrosse ball, foam roller etc.

    1. I’ve found that stress fractures are painful all of the time. (I think the research shows that too). You can always feel a fracture and they never really warm up. When I had a nasty case of plantar fasciitis, it hurt when I wasn’t running but seemed to warm up with a foam roller or lacrosse ball. That being said, I’m with you about not wanting to go anywhere close to a hospital. The best thing you can do is rest. My general frame of mind is if I have to alter my stride in any way, I don’t run.

  2. Glad your journey back is going smoothly! Some bumps along the way but, 10 weeks later and racing?! That’s amazing! 💜 my stress fracture recovery certainly won’t be as speedy, but it still gives me so much to look forward to.

    1. Hips and feet are different. This is probably the “easiest” injury comeback I’ve had. I don’t know if it was because I was extremely lazy for 3 weeks or just because it was an easier recovery. I know you’ll be back and stronger than ever Ally.

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