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Training Log Week 4:

Any runner can tell you coming off an issue or injury is tough. I thought I was in the clear and until right after the four-miler I did, I was 100% pain-free.

Monday: Easy 30 minutes
Tuesday: Easy 30 minutes
Wednesday: Easy 60 minutes with 10X 1 minute fast
Thursday: Easy 40 minutes
Friday: Swim 2 miles
Saturday: Easy 4 miles with a group run
Sunday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Run 4 Miles 27:13)


I was on a high the first half of the week. I was confident my Achilles was healed and I was running decently.

My healing is mostly thanks to Dr. Craig with Dr. Kemonosh. He worked Active Release Therapy, which promoted blood flow to my Achilles and reduced the inflammation.

Workout Wednesday:

On Wednesday, I wanted to get speed work in. Nothing “crazy” and just enough to see how my Achilles would respond to faster running. Before then, I hadn’t run anything close to workout or race pace since the Hilton Head Half Marathon. In fact, my fastest mile might have been around 9 minutes, where most were around 10+. It felt decent, but it felt much harder than it should.

10X1 minute with a 1-minute easy jog in between seemed like a good place to start.  The workout gives 10 minutes of quality work and just over 1.5 miles of hard effort.

I know I haven’t lost a lot of fitness (if any), but I still feel like I have.


Swimming has taken a back burner lately as I try and find time for the pool. As most swimmers know, the pool is challenging because you might spend an hour in the pool, but it’s another getting to and from, showering, and changing. Anyway, I swam 3000 meters easy and it was nice just to hop in.

Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup Run: 4 Miles 27:13

Before the race, I felt 0 pain. When running, I felt 0 pain. The minute I took off my shoes, my Achilles hurt just like 3 weeks ago.

While the race went as fine as it could after running easy for 3 weeks, it didn’t feel great. I’ve run almost everything else faster this training cycle. Even without the bitter sting of my Achilles hurting post-race, I wouldn’t say it went all that well.

Next Week:

This week I’m back to square one and trying to work on recovering again. It’s frustrating because I’ve never had an on-again/off-again injury. I’m doing all of the regular PT things like eccentric heel raises, and I thought I was fully recovered.

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Questions for you:

How is your training, go? 

Did you watch the Olympic Trials?