The Little Duck Diner (Savannah, Ga)

Little Duck Diner Quacko Tacos

The Little Duck Diner (Savannah, Ga)

While on a day trip to Savannah, Georgia, my husband and I ended up at the Little Duck Diner.  We weren’t planning on going, but the original restaurant was closed. A quick google search found the Little Duck Diner only a block down the road. Just looking at the Little Duck Diner menu, it looked like a fun and unique experience, so we thought why not.

Little Duck Diner

Little Duck Diner Atmosphere: A
The Little Duck Diner isn’t like regular diners. It’s not an old school metallic restaurant. It’s located on the main street of Savannah and looks like a fancy bistro. When you walk in, you feel like you’re in a chic and posh diner versus an old school diner.  According to the website, the Little Duck Diner is inspired by our little ducklings and known to be a vintage chic diner reminiscent of dining cars and diners in the 20’s and 30’s with a contemporary twist.

While the seating is a little closer than I prefer, it’s ok.

Little Duck Diner

Little Duck Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the Little Duck Diner was good, but there was nothing unusual or unique. The waitress did bring a refill.

Little Duck Diner Coffee

Little Duck Diner Food: A

The Little Duck Diner menu consists of one of the most diner unique menus of any diner I’ve been too. You’ll find a few diner favorites like pancakes, grilled cheese, omelets, and eggs, but most of their menu is unique and features a lot of duck items as well as Asian fusion and bi bim bop.

Some of the items that stuck out where the Quacko Tacos (duck tacos), shrimp and grits, and flyboy tacos.

Little Duck Diner Quacko Tacos

I decided to order the Quacko Tacos and a side of grits. Grits are an item I’ve tried to find at diners up north but never been successful. Grits are just better in the south.

Little Duck Diner grits

The Quacko Tacos were delicious. I can see why Duck is the Little Duck Diner specialty.  Inside the Quacko Tacos were bbq duck, lettuce, avocado, pickled carrots, daikon, sriracha mayo, and cilantro. I appreciated the extra kick with the siracha. All of the tacos came with a side salad that tasted fresh.

The grits were delicious and I have no complaints. Definitely just as good as other grits I’ve had in the south.

Little Duck Diner Service: A
The waitress was friendly and our food came out fast. In fact, I couldn’t believe for such an upscale and posh restaurant/diner; our food came out that fast. I was more than impressed because there were several parties in the diner too.

Little Duck Diner Cost: $
For my coffee, quacko tacos, and grits, it was $15.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Little Duck Diner?
I liked the Little Duck Diner and I was happy with the meal. While it was my original intention to go to a diner in Savannah, I’m glad we did.

Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Service: A
Cost: $10-20
Overall: A

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Questions for you:
Do you like Duck?
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