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Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy Marlton

Recently I went to the new Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy in Marlton. The company, Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy is a franchise and there are plenty of locations, including Marlton and my hometown of Virginia Beach. I popped in because I was interested in some of the services they provide. Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy in Marlton also offers discounts for military, veterans, firefighters, police, high school athletes & persons aged 60+.

Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy me

A few serviced the Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy provide:

  • CryotherapyCyroskin
  • Compression with Normatec
  • Photobiomodulation
  • Hyperbaric
  • Stretch base
  • Infrared

There are a lot of things at Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy that were new to me. In fact, I’ve only ever tried Cryotherapy. As someone who doesn’t love the cold, I can’t say it’s for me, but I know a lot of athletes swear by it. My body responds better to active release and heat!

Recovery Services:


Cryotherapy is a 3-minute treatment that reduces inflammation and releases endorphins. Cryotherapy can help alleviate pain and increase the body’s natural healing abilities.  It gets colder than an actual ice bath and for a shorter amount of time. With cryotherapy, your body is exposed to temperatures colder than -200 degrees F for about 3 minutes.

They also do isolated cryotherapy that can be good for individual spots like feet or Achilles. This is a good option if you have an isolated issue or don’t want to get your whole body cold.

Stretch Base:

Restore Hyper Wellness is known for its stretch base and therapy. You can get professionally stretched, which who knew that was possible. As one of the least flexible people I know (I’m working on it), stretching is something I’ve actively worked on. With my Achilles, I’ve been focusing on stretching my calves to get more blood flow to the Achilles.

At Restore Hyper Wellness in Marlton, each stretching session begins with vibrational therapy using a percussion therapy (IE message gun) to increase blood circulation and relieve muscle tension. Then based on your needs, they’ll help stretch you as appropriate. The employees that work there, like Krista, have a college degree in sports medicine so they are interested in helping you towards your goal.

Compression with Normatec:

Normatec has become the latest and greatest in sports recovery.

What are NormaTec Recovery Boots? Using sequential pulse technology, NormaTec synergistically combines three massage techniques to speed the body’s normal recovery process. It allows helps your body to get more circulation.  I’ve used NormaTec in the past, and I find the best use for them is on my calves. I don’t think they take the place of getting active release or a deep tissue massage, but I do believe they allow you to recover faster (like compression socks).

Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy

Photobiomodulation (PBM):

I had no idea what Photobiomodulation was before visiting Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy, just that I wanted to try it. What is Photobiomodulation?  Photobiomodulation was once known as Low-Level Laser Therapy. It is the use of near infra-red light to improve soft tissue healing and reduce inflammation. It works at a cellular level by stimulating repair. In fact, Photobiomodulation has been studied for nearly 40 years.

Photobiomodulation doesn’t heat tissue; it increases circulation. One reason I wanted to try Photobiomodulation was because it has is used for experimental treatment of both depression and anxiety. I’ve had both and I’ve responded well to light therapy. Photobiomodulation has been linked to increased cerebral blood flow, which can help lead to reduce symptoms of some neurological disorders. It’s never a bad idea to consult with your doctor to figure out what’s right for you.

Going inside the Photobiomodulation Room at Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy was fun. It’s a small room with infrared lights. You stand for about 12 minutes. I will say, I did feel good after coming out.  Even if its placebo, my mood felt better and there aren’t many substitutions for that.

Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy

Infrared Sauna:

The infrared Sauna is like a traditional sauna but infrared light to heat you directly instead of heating the air. The result is a much more comfortable experience.

The Infrared Sauna at Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy in Marlton also has a chromotherapy light. Chromotherapy is often used to help manage SAD (or Seasonal Affective Disorder). Something I dealt with more when living in Northern New York.

Hyperbaric Chamber:

I had never heard nor seen a hyperbaric chamber before visiting Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy. In fact, there are very few in the country.

The Hyperbaric Chamber is a noninvasive therapy method that has users lie in a pressurized chamber while breathing between 90% – 95% pure oxygen. The chamber expands to over twice it’s size!

What does this do? The excess pressure causes all of your cells, tissues and fluids to hold up to 10 times more oxygen than normal concentration. Research has shown it helps heal traumatic brain injuries, help fight off cancer, and heal tissue that is slower to recover.  While it sounded interesting, I’m slightly squirly in enclosed spaces, so I decided not to try. 

Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy


Skin and Beauty Services:

I don’t have great skin and even with annual visits to the dermatologist, I’m never going to have flawless blogger skin.


While I haven’t tried it yet, one of the features I’m most interested in at Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy is the Cryoskin.  Cyroskin uses cold temperature, which causes the widening of the blood vessels in the face.

This extra blood flow helps collagen production which is important for skin health. I wrote about how collagen has helped me here. Cryoskin reduces pore size and improves the elasticity of the skin.  I already take a collagen supplement at home.

In all, Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy in Marlton is a fun and unique spot. I know I’ll be back for Photobiomodulation and Infrared Sauna as I do feel like those are great resources for me personally. I do want to try the Cryoskin as well and see how my skin responds to that.

They have a lot going on. The important thing about Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy is they aren’t diagnosing you with problems or issues, but they are helping you recover. If you find yourself with a serious injury or issue, it’s important to go to your doctor.

Questions for you:

Have you tried Cryotherapy?

Have you been to Restore Hyper Wellness and Cryotherapy?