Skin Benefits from Collagen

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Last week, I talked about how Vital Proteins has helped with my personal recovery and running.  This week I thought I would talk about skin benefits of collagen.

Keep in mind these statements have not been evaluated by the food and drug administration. Vital Proteins products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

me vital proteins

I’ve mentioned in many random posts, but my skin has never been flawless.  I wasn’t blessed with those genes.  I see a dermatologist frequently.  Through high school and college, my skin went through cycles of being worse than a preteen going through puberty.

After using Vital Proteins Collagen for nearly 6 months, I’ve found it to help with my skin, hair, and nails as well as other issues like joint pain, and joint health.

Keep in mind I’m not a doctor, and this is my personalized experience.  To my knowledge, there are no side effects of taking “too much collagen”.

How do Vital Proteins Help Skin?

Vital Protein dietary supplements are a beauty-specific product to support the skin’s moisture, improve elasticity, tone, and vibrancy.

What Even makes Skin Healthy?

Not breaking out?

Skin pharmacology and physiology is complicated and it is a lot harder to describe as “healthy.”  There isn’t a magic food that makes skin healthier.  You can’t just eat more, and you have healthy skin. There isn’t a magical pill or potion.  Plus everyone has different skin.  There are also plenty of uncontrollable factors such as genetics and age.

As I mentioned last week, collagen is the most abundant protein in the body’s connective tissues.  As we age, our natural collagen production decrease.  This is how wrinkles appear, among many fine lines.

What are some Key Vitamins for Healthier Skin?

Collagen: Since this post is primarily about collagen, we should start there right?  Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and therefore one of the most significant factors in keeping your skin healthy.  Before taking collagen supplements, I had no idea how important and beneficial it was.

Your body naturally produces collagen but Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are a healthy natural source of hydrolyzed collagen.

Antioxidants: Antioxidants seems like a “power” nutrition word. Merely saying antioxidant makes you sound healthier but what is it? An antioxidant means it can bind to electrons and neutralize free radicals in the body.

Antioxidants are found in many foods but most commonly in both fruits and vegetables.  A few sources of antioxidants include berries, grapes, dark chocolate, and mushrooms.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports the production of collagen.  You can find Vitamin C in most citrus fruits like oranges, pineapple, and my favorite: mango.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E has an antioxidant effect too. A few foods high in Vitamin E are avocado, spinach, and seeds such as sunflowers seeds or almonds.

Right now, the Vital Proteins Collagen product I like the most for health benefits for my skin, hair, and nails is the Beauty Greens.

Personally, I like the “greenness” of the drink itself.  I like to add 2 scoops into a glass of milk with ice.  Boring but it tastes good to me.  It’s hard to make a green smoothie look good but I can assure you it is.

Some of the Skin Benefits of Vital Proteins I’ve noticed are: 

  • Promoting collagen formation, affecting hair, skin, and nails
  • Supporting a healthy glow
  • Enhancing skin clarity and smoothness
  • Increasing the body’s natural moisture level, improving hair, skin, and nails
  • Helping to maintain firm skin

Since beginning to take Vital Proteins Collagen about 6 months ago, I’ve seen small changes in my skin.  My skin is a lot smoother.  It does not take the place of going to the dermatologist every few months, but I have had success with it.  While I am an ambassador, I have noticed an improvement beforehand.  My skin is the most radiant it’s been since high school!


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Questions for you:

How do you take care of your skin?

Do you take Collagen or Vital Proteins?  Have you noticed a difference?


  1. I’ve heard about taking collagen. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I might start. My skin could use the help.

  2. Vital Proteins sounds like a great product! I would love a product that would support a healthy glow and enhance smoothness to my skin!

  3. Skin health is important to me–I had skin cancer surgery last fall. Blahhh. The main thing for me now is to stay in the shade or keep covered up. But I also take Omega 3 every day. Great post.

  4. Great advice. Its so important to take good care of your skin because as you age, you will see your healthy skin still glow.

  5. I’m always hesitant with smoothies, especially anything green (which is why my skin is so bad in the first place). I wouldn’t mind looking into something with collagen in it though. I just started eating some women’s vitamin gummies and I’ll have to look if those have any of these ingredients in them.

  6. I always thought collagen was something I needed to worry about when I’m older… but I don’t mind drinking a smoothie haha!

  7. Thanks for this! Healthy skin is definitely something I continously strive for and collagen (along with hyaluronic acid) is something my body has more of on a daily basis.

  8. I keep listening about collagen everywhere these days but did’t know what it actually does. Thanks for sharing this, sounds really interesting.

  9. What a great read! My skin is not terrible but is so oily and needs some love

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