1:25 Training Files: Windy Workouts and 10 Milers

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As I start training again, I’ve decided to call my next training block: “The Sub 1:25 files”. It has a nice ring, right?

As I mentioned on my 2019 training log, my 2020 running goal is to get back into 1:25 half marathon shape. While this isn’t a PR, it’s a realistic goal for me (since I haven’t done that in nearly two years).

I’m not putting a time limit on whether it happens in the Spring or Fall.

Monday: Easy 8 miles
Tuesday: Easy 6 miles
Wednesday: Workout (total miles 12)
Thursday: Rest+ Travel to VA
Friday: Easy 8 miles with 10X20 second strides
Saturday: Tidewater Distance Series 10 mile race (1:10.07) Total miles 14
Sunday Easy 8 miles


This week went well. I decided to drive down and visit my parents for the weekend in Virginia.  While I got to see them over the Holidays, I wanted a few more days. Typically January NJ weather is gloomy and dark.  This year has been extremely mild so far. I plan to run a few 10-mile races this year and last weekend could be the hottest one!

Wednesday: 3 miles at 10-mile pace (6:58) followed by 8X1 min hard/ 1 min rest

My workout on Wednesday was different than what I’ve done before.  One of the main goals of my 2020 season is to do different things.  Doing the same workouts, in the same comfort zone, doesn’t help you get faster, so this seemed fun.

The day itself was windy.  Funny enough a few days later, I ran 10 miles averaging 6:58 pace.  Both were challenging running days but in different ways. After that, I finished with 8X1 min easy/hard, which was mentally and physically challenging. I’m proud of myself for getting it done. Plus, I found $2 on the second portion.

Distance Series 10 Miler: 1:10.07

My “A goal” was to run under 1:10.  I wasn’t expecting the humidity to be so high.  I can’t remember another time I’ve run a 65-70 degree race in January. I didn’t run in as straight of a line as I could have which ultimately led me to running slightly longer than the 10 miles. Normally I wouldn’t care, but it was the matter of being under 1:10 or not being under 1:10.

distance series mile splits
distance series mile splits

Anyway, I ran the race consistently and all of my miles were between 6:55-7:01.  I’m happy with my effort for the day.

Next Week:

I don’t have any races on the calendar for a few weeks, so I’ll just be working hard and doing more workouts.  The goal for the next 2 weeks is to build fitness.

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Questions for you:

What is your 2020 goal?

How is your training going?