Rehoboth Diner

Rehoboth Diner (Rehoboth Beach, De)

The Rehoboth Diner was a unique experience, to say the least.  When we arrived around 11 am, it was busy and most tables were taken.

Rehoboth Diner (Rehobeth Beach, De)

Rehoboth Diner Atmosphere: B
The Rehoboth Diner sticks out on the main road. It’s not a big, shiny, metallic diner, but the “24-7” can’t be missed. The inside of the Rehoboth Diner is average size. You walk in next to a bakery.  There are several booths, tables, and a bar. We were sat at a table between booths. It’s my least favorite seating, but there are minimal choices when it’s busy.

Rehoboth Diner (Rehobeth Beach, De)

Rehoboth Diner Coffee: B
The coffee at the Rehoboth Beach Diner was average. It wasn’t the best nor the worst, but it was decent coffee. I could have used more.

Rehoboth Diner (Rehobeth Beach, De)
Low-quality photo and I didn’t realize it until I left.

Rehoboth Diner Food: C

The Rehoboth Diner menu has most everything a regular diner has. Since we got to the Rehoboth Diner around 11 am, we were only given a breakfast menu. I’m sure I could have asked for a lunch menu but decided breakfast was fine.  I decided to order the steak and eggs.

Rehoboth Diner (Rehobeth Beach, De)
Rehoboth Diner (Rehobeth Beach, De) steak and eggs

When it came out, I was disappointed that my steak wasn’t that big (for a $16 breakfast meal). Interesting because the Rehobeth Beach Diner is known for its big portions and generous portions. The steak itself was cooked medium rare, but it was bland in flavor. I chose scrambled eggs and rye toast. Everything was good, but not great.  Next time I go, I’ll probably order something else.

Rehoboth Diner (Rehobeth Beach, De)

Rehoboth Diner Service: C
To preface, our waitress at the Rehoboth Beach Diner was great. She was friendly and working hard. The manager came by our table midmeal and asked us to move tables so another party could sit. It wasn’t a big deal, but weird.  As we were leaving, a man came storming in to talk about “how unhappy he was.”

Rehoboth Diner Price: $$
For my steak and eggs, plus coffee, it as $20. Which the meal wasn’t worth that.

Overall Thoughts/Would I Come Back to the Rehoboth Diner?
The Rehoboth Diner wasn’t the worst nor the best diner I’ve been too. I would be interested in trying something off the Rehoboth Diner lunch menu.

Atmosphere: B
Coffee: B
Food: C
Service: C
Price: $12-20
Overall Thoughts: C

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Questions for you:
Do you like steak and eggs?
Have you ever been moved midmeal?


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  1. As many times as I have been to Rehoboth I have not eaten here. Next trip for sure. Thanks for posting this.

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