Landmark Diner

It’s funny; I swore I had been to the Landmark Diner before.  It looked so familiar, but I had possibly just driven by a few times.  Last month, I was lucky to meet Christine at the Landmark Diner.  Before our meet up, we decided I had been there already, it was no big deal.  Going […]

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Millstone Diner

A few weeks ago, the famous owner of New Jersey Isn’t Boring, and I decided to meet at another diner.  We’ve reviewed several diners together, and she is the only one who likes NJ diners as much as I do.  Although she reviews everything related to New Jersey from diners to food trucks and ice […]

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Park West Diner

Park West Diner, Little Falls, NJ According to here, the Park West Diner is ranked to have one of the best entree salads in the state.  A diner ranked with restaurants to have a good salad? For a diner to have the BEST salads is a tremendous feat.  As most people know, for the first […]

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Colonial Diner

Last week, Christine met at the Colonial Diner.  We’ve been on opposite schedules lately, so I haven’t seen her in a couple of months.  After accidently agreeing to meet at a diner that actually closed a year ago, we discovered the Colonial Diner.  This Colonial Diner isn’t too be confused with the Colonial Diner in […]

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Broad Street Diner (Keyport, NJ)

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to go to the Broad Street Diner the owner of the Website New Jersey Isn’t Boring.  If you are ever in NJ and looking for something to do, everything and anything is on the website.  There is day trip advice, breweries, food trucks and weekly events. […]

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